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    The kidney is an organ located in the lower back of the body. It plays an important role because it help us eliminates toxins in our bladder. Once we experience this failure it will be dangerous for us because it can lead to death.

Here some symptoms of kidney failure
• seizures
• pain
• fatigue
• the amount of urine become smaller
Kinds Of Kidney Failure
• chronic post-renal kidney
• acute intrinsic kidney
• acute pre-renal kidney

Kidney Treatment
There are various ways of medication for kidney failure but it always depends on what kind of kidney failure do you have. Here some:
• Kidney Transplant
• Dialysis

To Avoid Kidney Failure?
    We can avoid this failure by not eating too much food like salty foods, junk foods, instant noodles and all preservative foods. Eating less of this we can make sure our kidney is healthy and through avoiding this food we can maintain our body to be fit and healthy.


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