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After both hearing from the Senate wherein Kerwin Espinosa testifies on his involvement in illegal drug trade. And also Ronnie Dayan from the House of Representative. The allegations they are throwing to Sen. De lima seems to have discrepancies.

During the Senate hearing Kerwin Espinosa's testimony was he handed money to Ronnie in the year 2015 but Ronnie Dayan's testimony in House of Congress said he received money from Kerwin Espinosa in the year 2014. There had been confusion between the testimonies if they are really telling the truth. Some senators are not convinced with the testimony of Kerwin Espinosa in his allegations to Sen. De Lima.

List of discrepancies
1.  Espinosa said he gave Dayan the money from August 2015 to early 2016.

2. Dayan said Espinosa handed him money for De Lima once in August 2014, once in October 2014, and three times in November 2014.

3. The last time that Espinosa allegedly gave money was in a parking lot of the place where he was staying in Baguio City.

4. Dayan said Espinosa checked in at the place on November 19, 2014, and he met with De Lima three days later or on November 22, 2014

5. Dayan insisted that all his meet-ups with Espinosa happened in 2014.

6. "Sa February 2015 [na sinabi ni Espinosa], wala na po ako doon, resigned na po ako noon [as De Lima's driver-bodyguard]," said Dayan.

7. Dayan said he was already in Pangasinan in February 2016, the month that Espinosa said he made his last delivery of cash.

8. Espinosa had claimed that the first delivery of cash happened on the fourth floor of the SM Mall of Asia parking lot. However, Dayan said the delivery of the money at that parking lot was already their fourth meet-up.

9. Dayan also recounted that Espinosa asked him to just call him by his nickname, "Batman" on their third meeting, and not earlier, as claimed by Espinosa

10. The venue in Baguio, Espinosa said he pulled over just behind Dayan's car at the parking lot of the Burnham Park. However, Dayan said the delivery happened at the parking lot of the "Alexandria Residences" where Espinosa was staying

11. Dayan said he and Espinosa met up five times, while Espinosa said they met only four times.


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