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Another family seems to be broken, a case of OFW wherein her husband is working in Taiwan got engaged with another partner? There is a picture of a man who committed concubinage against her wife.

The story was her husband is working in Taiwan and while she was working in  Malaysia. They are legally married. But come to surprise her when she saw the picture of his husband from a girl on facebook.

The wife tried to punish her husband so what he did was to publish the picture she got from the girl's account. She wanted her husband to feel the shame they were done.

Meanwhile, the friends and other social media friends are advising her to take an action suing her husband so that it will put to jail for what he had done.

There are so many cases in abroad entering into an illegal relationship. The agencies before the deployment of the workers are always reminding to keep away with this situation especially when they are married.

What are the case can be applied here?

CONCUBINAGE -  This case is applicable to your husband if found out that he is cheating you. This case is only applicable to the legal wife. But if you are not legally married but with children, you can still apply the case.
ADULTERY- This case is applicable to your wife who had cheated you. Now if you are legally married then is the case you should file.

How to file the case?

 1. Approach any DSWD Office nearest you. Apply the case first in this agency so that you will be protected by the FAMILY CODE or protection against women and children. Then after gathering of information, the DSWD will be sending a legal letter to the respondent. The respondent is only given one month to answer the complaint. After that, if no answer received from the respondent, the DSWD will waive the rights to issue a warrant of arrest against the respondents.

2. Approach the POEA for filing the case and Philippine Embassy for deportation of the respondents. At the Airport they will be directly brought to jail and face the consequences.

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