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A number of men have been detained by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) over the alleged sexual assault and murder of a Filipina hotel waitress in Muscat.

The management of the Qurum hotel,  Pinky Pamittan worked, who reported missing last Thursday after she failed to show up for work for two days.Pinky is popular with tourists.

afterwards, Police in Boushar launched an investigation and her body was found dumped in a wadi behind the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque on Friday.

“More than one, maybe three” men have been arrested in connection with her death, according to police.

“She was still found on Friday and was still working as a waitress in a hotel restaurant. So far we don’t know the cause of death, but her body is in the morgue. Initial reports she was kidnapped and raped by more than three men

Pinky Pamittan had traveled to Oman to work in the tourism industry so that she could earn money to support her young son, back home in the Philippines, who is with his father.

“We can’t provide any more information. We have lodged a complaint with the police,” the official added.

Pinky Pamittan's fellow worker at the hotel said they had been told not to speak about Pamittan’s death.

Senior staff members at the Philippines Embassy have also messaged the Filipino community in Oman asking that they refrain from commenting on the case via social media until the police investigation has run its course.

Police in Oman have arrested an Asian national in connection with the murder of Filipina waitress Pinky Pamittan

After a few days, the one who murdered the Pinay Pinky  Pamittan surrenders at Royal Oman Police announced that the man had confessed to the death of Filipina

“The Department of Inquiries and Investigation and the Boshar ROP were able to identify the suspect involved in the murder of an Asian expatriate woman who was found dumped in a wadi in Boshar.
“Investigators were able to identify and arrest the suspect who is of Asian nationality. He confessed his crime to the investigators.”

Pinky,a mum-of-one, was sexually assaulted, murdered and dumped in a wadi last week after she went missing. Staff at the hotel where she worked reported her missing last Thursday after she failed to turn up for work

Her mother Alice Panittam is flying to Oman to get details on her daughter’s case and family members have spoken of their shock at the news of her murder.

Speaking from her home in Amman, Jordan, Pinky’s mother Alice Pamittan, said she is coming to Oman to get details of her daughter’s death and the case against the accused.
“I hope her case will solve as soon as possible. I’m coming there.” Pinky's mother said

for what happen to the pilipina who got raped by unknown men the police oman are so fast in resolving his crime, i know that they doing there work very well in giving the victims justice for her crime.

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