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The United States State department reportedly halts the planned sale of some 26,000 rifles assault rifles to the Philippine National Police, the United State opposed the planned sale because given concerned human rights violation in the Philippines

PNP spoke person Dionardo Carlos says PNP Chief Dla Rosa is sad by the news but if the plan does not push through  the national police will look other suppliers from another country

Former PNP Chief and Senator Ping Lacson says the country does not lose anything except one less gun store to choose from, Lacson said there other countries that manufacture better and probably cheaper  assault rifles  than the  US

Remember what the Russian diplomat said? come to Russia. we have everything you need,

Duterte has repeatedly said in his speeches that he met Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Laos and the leader indicated that Russia was ready to help

Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev, in an exclusive interview with GMA news, said as much

Please formulate you wish to list. What kind of assistance do you expect from Russia and we will be ready to sit down with you and discuss what can and should be done, Khovaev told GMA news Rida Reyes in exclusive interview

He said Russia is open to cooperate with the Philippines.

it includes any area, any field of possible cooperation, Khovaev said

The United State is showing their true colors more and more and it is being seen by the world by then  Philippine can stand out without the United States, don't worry we have Russia shopping list

This is time, that the Philippines needs  to start building our own national defense industry. the reason has been made. the urgency has been presented to us.


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