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 The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has called the executives of the ABS-CBN primetime soap opera “Till I Met You” for an urgent conference over a supposedly “daring” love scene and episodes tagged as having “sexually teasing” content.

Citing feedback from social and conventional media, MTRCB chairperson Eugenio Villareal invited directors Antoinette Jadaone and Andoy Ranay, executive producer Arnel Nacario, and writer Shugo Praico for a conference on Nov. 10 regarding the show’s Oct. 25, 26, 27, and 28 episodes.

“The 25 October 2016 episode includes a purportedly daring lovemaking scene inside a motor vehicle, which some audiences found to be unfit for television.

According to MTRCB, the purportedly daring love-making scene of James Reid and Nadine Lustre  characters inside a motor vehicle in the October 25 episode was unfit for television. This is in reference to the feedback of the viewers, despite the "Strong Parental Guidance" for that particular scene.

The most controversial episode which hit a national TV rating of 15.9% garnered more than a million tweets on Twitter and topping the trending topics worldwide.

The chairman was referring to the sex scene between lead actors James Reid and Nadine Lustre that aired on Oct. 25.

In a letter from MTRCB Chairperson Eugenio H. Villareal on Wednesday, November 2, the Board asks 'TIMY' directors Antoinette Jadaone and Andoy Ranay, executive producer Arnel Nacario and writer Shugo Praico for a conference on Thursday, November 10.

Till I Met You is the second TV series of James and Nadine (also known as a real-life and onscreen couple as Jadine) with director Antoinette Jadaone. Their previous show, On the Wings of Love, was a major hit.

We see fits and gun fight all the time in mainstream media and we don't flinch a bit. we see two adult making love and were offended?

Their job is to tell stories, to capture the many human conditions and experiences, and deliver them to their audience as real as possible.

Reminders it is not the job of the artist, actors, writers, directors etc, to teach children what's wrong or right.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are actors and actress, they don't ask to be a role model. they are    not irresponsible for doing that scene, there just doing their job.

It's disappointing to hear Till I Met You being inappropriate when know isn't true, Hope the MTRCB would consider this action against the show, if not, it's pretty obvious that they are not being reasonable when the past and current teleseryes have shown more sexual content that Till I met You. Whatever the outcome of this meeting, hope they get the message that the show is trying to convey to its televiewers, I would hate to know them favor the destructive criticism of viewers who are not even truly fans of Jadine and the show, for those who are not  getting entertain by the show, it's simple don't watch it! We have a great creative team in the cast and directors of Till I Met You, let's applaud them instead of bringing them down.


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