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After a very close polling across the nation, Donald Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States, winning 276 electoral college votes over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's 218.

Election night had many voters on edge all the way until the end.
Donald Trump nabbed big states, including Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas. While Hillary tried to hold on, taking New York, Virginia, and Illinois, it just wasn't enough to get the victory.

What can we in Southeast Asia expect now that the unthinkable has happened?

The businessman turned populist Donald Trump has managed to pull off a major upset and has become the 45th President of the United States, beating Hillary Clinton.

At the time of writing, Trump has managed to win at least 276 Electoral College votes, scoring stunning victories in battleground states such as Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This puts him in over the 270 vote threshold for victory. This marks the stunning conclusion of a roller-coaster election, marked by Trump’s heated rhetoric against various groups as well as scandals involving Clinton’s e-mail and her husband Bill’s Foundation.

America, it has to be said, has had its “Duterte moment”: a charismatic but unpredictable populist upending not only the machinations of his country’s political elite but also everything we thought we knew about political science and international affairs.

what can we expect from a Trump presidency? The most obvious answer is that we simply don’t know. Trump is unpredictable. He has managed to make a common cause with the white, working-class and rural Americans.

These are people who feel left out or alienated by changes in American society over the last couple of decades. Many have had looked on as their communities and their livelihoods have been destroyed by free-trade and changes in technology.

The leftward shift in terms of social mores under outgoing President Obama’s rainbow coalition of minorities has come as a shock to the more conservative.

Trump has been able to transform himself from a real estate businessman to a media operator and now one of the republic’s most remarkable politicians. And along the way, he has demonstrated both brilliance and ruthlessness in equal measure.

But again what will this mean for us in Southeast Asia?

The nations of Southeast Asia have grown comfortable with America’s military and political presence for decades as well as its position as the globe's biggest importer. This will all change.

We in Southeast Asia may well be expected to pay for our share of the peace the Americans bring. Certainly, we can forget about Obama’s ambitious pivot to the Asia-Pacific.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership will be history given Trump’s nationalistic and protectionist leanings.
Meanwhile, all of this is taking place as China and Xi Jinping gathers in strength both domestically and internationally   witness President Duterte’s recent pivot to Beijing.

Or perhaps it will not be that bad maybe Trump will instead seek to cut deals with China and Russia, leading to a new sort of global detente.

Congratulations Donald Trump for your victory! Despite all the lies and defamation pushed on by the liberals. CNN is still not recognizing all the electoral votes so far for Trump. Time for BIASED media to figure out an honest way to do their jobs.
The American people are speaking and tired of it I seriously hope you considering suing CNN for their disgusting behavior.

Actually, maybe all that negative media attention on you backfired and probably did more for your cause than any advertising ever will, as it encouraged Americans to think for themselves and form their own opinions.

You stuck to your values from the beginning no matter how many people laughed and mocked you. we look forward to your presidency and your conviction to make America Great Again


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