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Have you wonder if the food  heated or cook from a microwave oven is safe or not? Today people in terms of preparing foods wants always the quickest way. At work or home, everybody wants things being done in a fast way.

In our growing and developing society, people are busy, so people tend to eat as fast as they can. Fast foods are very popular nowadays. And most people uses the microwave oven at home for cooking or reheating foods which are more efficient and time savings.

Yes, we eat our foods easily without any hassle, we can serve them right away in our table. But there are certain health issues which most of us ignore. Most of the fast food chain and houses are using the microwave in cooking or reheating foo

What are the side effects of cook and heated foods from the microwave oven? 
-Continuous use of microwave , or continuous eating fo foods that been reheated or cook will slowly and continuously weaken our body

- Cancer cells are ignited which cause to develop tumors, colon cancer, or even brain damage which shorten the electrical impulse produced by the brain.

-Too many exposures to microwave oven will cause hormonal production abnormalities both in male and female.

How a reheated or cooked foods in microwave oven affects our body?
here are some examples of foods that has certain change if consumed.

-Vegetables that had been reheated or cooked through microwave oven will be converted as cancerous radicals rather than helpful minerals.

-Vitamins, minerals and other essential  nutrients present in the food can turn into harmful substances which cannot be broken or absorbed by our body. So this will ignite the cancer cells to form into active cancer.


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