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It was been hard for the foreign nationals to acquire a naturalization in Taiwan, even if they are already married to local in Taiwan. The law is so strict when in comes to naturalization process. The old laws gained more critics for the strict requirement needed for the applicants. Some groups and law makers who are against the old Naturalization Act have gained favor after a long deliberations. The law have been amended in favor of the foreign spouses.

The old law of Nationality Act of Taiwan Article 3. A foreign national who is applying for the naturalization must comply the following the qualifications like, the applicants must possessed the professional skills to support for themselves. And also the applicants must have enough assets.

Lin Li-Chan, a law maker from Kuomintang party praise the new amendments. Most of the foreign nationals who married the local Taiwanese are from Mainland China and South Asian Countries. With this newly amended law for the foreign spouses, thousands of them can benefits, especially females.

"It is wonderful gifts to these female immigrants in Taiwan" Chen said

What are the requirements of the newly amended Nationality Act?
-The applicants may provide proof of no criminal record
-No financial requirements
-The applicants can gain naturalization even if he/she had not yet denounce his/her nationality. But he/she is given one year to renounce his nationality if fails within a year, the naturalization will be withdrawn.

Who else are eligible for the new Nationality Act?
-Divorce foreign national
-Suffered domestic violence
All mentions above must not re-married to other nationalities to qualify.

Who are not qualified for the new Naturalization Act?
-A divorce foreign who has not obtained an ID card or permanent residency.
-those who were  given child custody, until a child reach 20 years old. rules is void unless a  judge make an exemption.
-if given custody to the child he/she can stay in Taiwan until the child reach 20 years old. But if he/she wish to stay longer after the child reached 20 years old, he/she should possessed substantial amount of money in savings and assets with the minimum amount of NT$5 Million. And also must not have criminal record.


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