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How many times do you take a pure tea? was it 3 times a day? or occasionally? I know you are wondering why pure tea is worse for your teeth.

Well, here is the brief explanation why tea is worst for your teeth. For a long time, our dentist thought us that coffee, along with the dark liquids like wine, soda, etc are harmful to our teeth because of its tannin content.

In the recent studies, tea is worst than a coffee because it contains high levels of Chromogens, Tannins, and Acid. These substances may cause staining teeth and eroding enamel.

Let's begin with acid, a habitual exposure to acid may cause a breakdown. The acid will soften the enamel and if it happened, the enamel is now susceptible to damage.

What is Tannin?
Tannin is astringent, and plant base compounds that are commonly found in drinks like wine. This substance has high ability to bond with other substances. So when tannin and chromogen mixed, it will produce a substance with a high staining content.

Well, I do not discourage everybody not to take a tea because I'm a tea lover. To prevent this, we need to brush our teeth 2-3 times a day.


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