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Here is the real reason behind why Super Tekla had been kicked out in Wowowin!

Super Tekla is one of the most popular comedians in Kapuso network.
He was discovered by Willie Revillame in one of the segments of Wowowin and later on Willie offered him to be part of the show and act as Willie co-host Super Tekla really brought real happiness to the viewer but nothing really lasts forever.
Just recently super Tekla becomes the center of the talks on social media after rumors saying that he was kicked out of wowowin. Lolit Solis even revealed a few statement saying that super Tekla wasted the opportunity that Willie gave to him.
There were also allegations saying that Willie kicked him out of the show because of his bad habits which weren't disclosed to the public.

Now super Tekla has given his fans a video message. Just like everyone expected, super Tekla is still full of energy when he greeted his fans. Super Tekla tell to his fans under his video message...

"Wala akong hinanakit sa puso ko bagkos lubos akong nagpapasalamat ako kay kuya wil sa narating ko at sa chance na binigay nya saken marami akong natututunan lalong lalo na nilapit nya ako sa masa buong buhay lilingunin ko ang pambihirang pagkakataon na binigay sa akin ng programang wowowin."

"Sana po patuloy kayong sumuporta sa programang ito.. in gods will narin po siguro kung bakit nagwakas ang  journey ko parang magbukas ng panibagong yugto ng buhay ko maraming salamat sa halos isang taon na pagsubaybay sa akin. Lahat ng fans supporters at mga naniniwala  sa talentong naibahagi ko sa bawat pilipinong kapuso saang mang sulok ng mundo.. mahal na mahal ko kayo hangat jan kayo di po ako mapapagod maghatid ng ngiti at saya.

Maraming salamat boss wil. More powers wowowin God bless us sa lahat ng kapusong nagmamahal sa programang wowowin saan man sa mundo.." he said while having a video message to his fans....

He had no hard feelings to the show of wowowin and also invite everyone to still watch the show...
Meanwhile, he invites everyone to watch and support his episode in Magpakailanman where he will be playing the role of Beki famous water vendor name Dodoy.


Guide in claiming Burial Subsidy with Taiwan Labor Insurance

Do you know how to claim a burial subsidy with the Taiwan Labor Insurance? Many of us don't know this kind of ways, here are the brief and exact details on how to claim if somebody of our member had gone to rest.

1. Must be a member of Taiwan Labor Insurance
2. You can benefit if the following relatives die
- Father, Mother
-Son, Daughter
3. Must complete the documentary requirements of Taiwan Labor Insurance.
What are Documents needed?
1. Three (3) photocopies of Employment Labor contract, duly certified by the MECO-Labor Affairs.
2. Three (3) photocopies of ARC duly authenticated by MECO.
3. Three (3) photocopies of thirty-two (32) pages of worker's passport duly authenticated by MECO.
4. Have a power of Attorney notarized, authorizing a representative who will process in the Philippines.
5. Send these documents to your authorized representative in the Philippines.

MECO-Labor Affairs in Taiwan:
1. Work/Employment Contract - 3 photocopies to be certified by MECO-Labor Affairs.
2. Send this documents to your authorized representative in the Philippines.
In the Philippines: Your representative will process the following:
- All documents mentioned (1&2) below in three (3) sets each must be secured from NSO Manila, translated to Chinese and authenticated by DFA and MalacaƱang.
A. Death Certificate of Deceased parents, spouse or child
B. Proof of consanguinity of affinity, either one or all of the following:
-Birth Certificate of deceased parent, spouse, child
-Birth Certificate of claimant
-Marriage Certificate of claimant
-Marriage Certificate of deceased parent
C. Deceased identification card such as: senior citizen card/ SSS/TIN/ or voter's ID, etc.
Note: All above-mentioned documents must be submitted to TECO-Manila for FINAL AUTHENTICATION.

What is the procedure in TECO-Manila?
A. Fill up application form completely
B. Attach all documents indicated above, duly authenticated by the respective offices as mentioned above.
C. TECO will authenticate all the documents.
- The processing days is 5-15 days working days
- Filing time is between 8:45-11:30 am only
- Releasing time 1:30- 4:30 pm only
- Authentication fee is Php 800

TECO-Manila will return all authenticated documents to your representative in the Philippines and your authorized representative will send all the duly authenticated documents to you for you to process in Taiwan.

Now, the worker or claimants shall pass all the documents to their respective Company/HR. The Company will pass all your documents to the Labor Insurance of Taiwan.
The processing days in Taiwan will be 15 days after your Employer send all the documents to the Labor Insurance.

How much will be claimed?
1. Death of Parents, Spouse - 3 months salary
2. Death of Child (at least 12 years old) - 2.5 months salary
3. Death of Child (below 12 years old) - 1.5 months salary

Offices and addresses:

Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO)
Address: 11/F, No. 176 Chang Chun Road, Chung-Shan District, Taipei 10479, Taiwan.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO)
Address: 41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1200 Metro Manila, Philippines

National Statistic Office (NSO)
Address: Vibal Building, Times Street corner Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City 1104

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
Address: 2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines

Address: San Miguel, Manila


A 1 year old boy killed by her Aunt who is under the influence of drugs?

A 1-year-old boy died after her Aunt put a tape in his mouth and put him into the cabinet. The victim is identified as Brian Jason Agustin or "pao pao".

Meanwhile, the suspect is her Aunt Ma. Ruth Mariano.

"Sa sobrang inis ko po kinuha ko po at binalutan ko ng tape po at saka damit saka ko po tinago sa cabinet.Tapos pagdating po ng hating gabi saka ko na po nilabas..."she said

The mother of "pao pao" said that it wasn't a reason to do those things to his son because her son is a baby, of course, it really cries, the baby does really cry, but somehow I'm hoping that she didn't do that.

The suspect admitted that she is under the influence of drugs that's why she does those things to her nephew. She is now facing a guilty verdict in murder.

"Hindi sapat yung paghingi ng tawad dahil buhay po yung kinuha ko. Humihingi po ako ng tulong sa makapag bago po ako..Gusto ko pong magsimula ulit para sa  dalawa kong anak. Auko kasing lumaki yung mga anak ko ng walang ina.." she said

Repentance is always late..
Drugs really lead you to a place you might regret in the end because it will destroy everything you have, even your own family.

Did Mr. Xian Gasa get the big YES of Erich Gonzales? Find out her answer...

Businessman Xian Gasa is not giving up his dreams to have a coffee with actress Erich Gonzales
Xian Gaza is the man who asked Erich Gonzales to have a coffee with him through a billboard in Morayta cor. Recto in Manila

However, he is being accused of being a scammer and he admitted that was in the past. He is 24 years old have also a son... he also a CEO of start up company called Guanxiquian Group

Xian Gaza also did not deny the allegations against him.
"My past was never a secret and even publicly open about it.." he said.

He got also involved  in pyramiding scam when he was 19 which led to personal debt account  13.9million, he became a victim distributor and technically yes a FORMER SCAMMER

He also admitted that he got death threats, criminal charges, court subpoenas, and warrant of arrests when he was 20 years old.

"I literally, literally lost everything in my life including my dignity but not my faith and my love for God." he said

Now that everything has come to the public that he also publicly crucified him because lots of keyboard warriors, bashers and haters was going on against him. He still hopes that Erich Gonzales can still say yes for a coffee with him.

So it is all up to Ms. Erich Gonzales now after she came back from her vacation if she gonna have a coffee with Mr. Xian Gasa.


A OFW was rescued in a massive factory fire in Taiwan?

June 30, 2017, Changhua County, Taiwan - A Filipina had been rescued inside the massive factory fire in Pu.yan Township

The Filipina only identify as Anney 35 years old, she was inside the company when the fire broke out and was unable to come out. She was been rescued by the Changhua County Fire Bureau safely and rushed to Changhua Christian Hospital and now in stable condition.

The fire spread rapidly in a factory that specializes in painting of bicycle parts. Dozens of firefighters and 19 fire trucks were deployed to extinguish the fire.


Why are power banks most confiscated in Taiwan Airport?

Taipei - In  Taoyuan International Airport reminded the passengers for the items that are most confiscated in the airport. It comes out in their survey that 70% of things that are being confiscated are battery banks, most passengers keep their battery banks in their luggage. But the authority had reminded the passengers that battery banks should not be placed in luggage because these could cause fires in cargo area during flight.

As of the January to March this year, the authorities had confiscated about 14,226 of power banks at the main gateway of Taoyuan International Airport.

Most confiscated are lighters which 16%, lithium battery 12%, and 70% are power banks.
Travelers are urged to hand carries such as power banks, batteries, lighters instead of putting them into luggage.


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