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A 1 year old boy killed by her Aunt who is under the influence of drugs?

A 1-year-old boy died after her Aunt put a tape in his mouth and put him into the cabinet. The victim is identified as Brian Jason Agustin or "pao pao".

Meanwhile, the suspect is her Aunt Ma. Ruth Mariano.

"Sa sobrang inis ko po kinuha ko po at binalutan ko ng tape po at saka damit saka ko po tinago sa cabinet.Tapos pagdating po ng hating gabi saka ko na po nilabas..."she said

The mother of "pao pao" said that it wasn't a reason to do those things to his son because her son is a baby, of course, it really cries, the baby does really cry, but somehow I'm hoping that she didn't do that.

The suspect admitted that she is under the influence of drugs that's why she does those things to her nephew. She is now facing a guilty verdict in murder.

"Hindi sapat yung paghingi ng tawad dahil buhay po yung kinuha ko. Humihingi po ako ng tulong sa makapag bago po ako..Gusto ko pong magsimula ulit para sa  dalawa kong anak. Auko kasing lumaki yung mga anak ko ng walang ina.." she said

Repentance is always late..
Drugs really lead you to a place you might regret in the end because it will destroy everything you have, even your own family.

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  1. this is so saddening and heart piercing to hear. i feel absolutely bad for the boy. i am hopeful that he gets justice. how can someone be so irresponsible to let the child roam free with such a person. i am sure his parents have a story


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