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Did Mr. Xian Gasa get the big YES of Erich Gonzales? Find out her answer...

Businessman Xian Gasa is not giving up his dreams to have a coffee with actress Erich Gonzales
Xian Gaza is the man who asked Erich Gonzales to have a coffee with him through a billboard in Morayta cor. Recto in Manila

However, he is being accused of being a scammer and he admitted that was in the past. He is 24 years old have also a son... he also a CEO of start up company called Guanxiquian Group

Xian Gaza also did not deny the allegations against him.
"My past was never a secret and even publicly open about it.." he said.

He got also involved  in pyramiding scam when he was 19 which led to personal debt account  13.9million, he became a victim distributor and technically yes a FORMER SCAMMER

He also admitted that he got death threats, criminal charges, court subpoenas, and warrant of arrests when he was 20 years old.

"I literally, literally lost everything in my life including my dignity but not my faith and my love for God." he said

Now that everything has come to the public that he also publicly crucified him because lots of keyboard warriors, bashers and haters was going on against him. He still hopes that Erich Gonzales can still say yes for a coffee with him.

So it is all up to Ms. Erich Gonzales now after she came back from her vacation if she gonna have a coffee with Mr. Xian Gasa.


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