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What are the new regulations on sending BALIKBAYAN BOXES? Must know..

Bureau of Customs just started the new regulations regarding balikbayan boxes.
The new rules are under Philippine Bureau of Customs memorandum order 04-2017,
which seeks transparency to lessen and avoid smuggling on imported items.

Every Filipino, including the overseas Filipino workers compulsory to declare all the goods
inside the balikbayan box. Everything including clothes, shoes, apparels up to just a tiny piece of paper.
It is required to list down together with their prices (receipt included).

Bureau of Customs posted the following clarifications on Facebook:

1. Senders of balikbayan boxes don’t need to fill out an information sheet declaring all the contents in the box or produce a receipt if they are willing to pay duties and taxes on the goods being shipped.
2. Contents in balikbayan boxes are exempt from taxes provided they don’t exceed more than P150,000 in total value.

3. Declaration of goods is important because it is for the “protection” of the sender, to ensure that the parcel gets delivered.

4. Receipts are not required for used items, groceries, “gifts” and other goods worth less than P10,000.

5. When filling out the declaration form or “information sheet,” there’s no need to be very precise with the costs. Estimates are fine. For example, if the t-shirt included in the box was originally purchased for P500 and has already been used, the sender can declare the price as P100.

6. Receipts are required for items that are brand new and worth more than P10,000 each.

Only a relative can receive the balikbayan box
If the receiver is not a relative, he/she will pay taxes


  1. Can I asked about the reciever. .because my reciever in Philippine is my brother in law,, my sisters live in partner because my mother and my father no valid ID to use to recieve my balik bayan box? Thank you . I wait youre pleasure reply to my message..

  2. Andami nilang arte! Kapag ako nagpadala at may nawala naku ewan ko nalang.. sa dami ng mga nirerequire nilang regulations kapag yan talaga ������ gigil niu ko ee !!!
    Dapat yang mga tauhan niyong kawatan ang dinidisiplina niu kase sila tong mga ang kakapal ng muka, kagagaling magnakaw ng laman. Mga kupal!!!

  3. much regulation,,d nman kmi mayaman para magsend ng isang item worth 10k,kung ganyan din lang wala ng magpapapackage,ang dami pang bawàl ilagay,bwal mga mabibigat,bkit may weight limit ba?SA mahal ng fee alangan naman hangin ilagay ngamin.another thing kaya nga sealed yung boxes tapos bubuksan ng customs what the heck!!!


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