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Line dry or Dryer: OFW choose...

Air drying laundry is the traditional way to dry clothes but having a dryer is the most convenient way.
There are advantages and disadvantages on both which are listed below.

Advantage of Line dry
- Save money
- Less bleaching system
- Kills bacteria
- Makes clothes feel fresher
- Gentle on clothing

Advantage of Dryer
- Dries large amount of clothes
- Speed drying
- Can be used any time of the season
- Can save most of your time

Disadvantage of Line dry
- Seasonal (Hard to dry during winter)
- Need more space hang clothes
- Time to dry clothes

Disadvantage of Dryer
- Not good for all garments
- Power consumptions, higher bills
- Static electricity can be problem

Asked 20 OFW here in Taiwan (Chunan) and the results?
17 choose to use the dryers most reasons is to save time and 3 chose to line dry as it's their traditional way.

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