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Reminders on Working in Taiwan as an OFW

Refreshing to all migrant workers below reminder while working in Taiwan.

1.  All foreign workers are covered by the Taiwan Labor Standards Law, except Household Services Workers (e.g. caretakers and domestic helpers).
The household service workers are protected by the provisions of their employment contracts, which depends on their employer.

2.  The total working period in Taiwan is 12 years only.  After their 12th year, foreign workers, including OFWs are not qualified to return to work in Taiwan.
Although, lawmakers are looking to extend it up to 15 years.

3.  There is a "brokerage system" in Taiwan, it was passed and it is a law.
Taiwan Manpower agencies collect fees monthly for their services.

4.  OFWs are required to submit a Foreign Workers' Affidavit for Wages/Salary and Expenses incurred for Entry to ROC to Work (Fees and Salary Declaration).
This includes all the fees that are paid by the workers.  These fees are not reflected in the Employment Contract of the workers.

5.  OFWs must undergo a mandatory medical examination within 3 days from arrival and within 30 days before or after the 6th, 18th and 30th month of employment.

6.  OFWs must apply for Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) immediately when reached Taiwan.
However, brokers are the one who applies for these.

7. The employer has to apply for the worker's Work Permit, always check and read.

8.  OFWs have month deductions on salary which are income taxes, labor insurance except for houshold service workers, National Health Insurance share and broker's fee.

Other Important reminders:
a.  OFW must keep their own passport, ARC, and money
b.  Have the original copy of your marriage contract and birth certificate of children for tax exemption
c.  Read every contract you are signing
d.  The worker cannot change employer instantly
e.  Penalties on breaching contracts include Blacklisting of OFW, Face legal case, Incarceration/Detention, and Immediate Deportationpinoys.

Be refreshed Pinoys.



  1. my wish is.the president of taiwan.she approve the 15 years of cortracts or she give to the ofw a chance to live in taiwan as long as they can work.thank you...

  2. Both government between taiwan and philippines should monitor the the relationship of the partner of every ofw wether they are ok or not because mostly of pinays of pinays are having and illegal affairs or cheating thier partners while they are working their,, it should deported as the time reported to any agencies coz it so immoral, the families will be broke up instead of having a goodvand better future,, its should be deported immediately..

  3. I agree to comment number 2. Many of the OFW's male and female who are married do this illegal affair. Some of them dont want to go home anymore because they are enjoying thier kind of life there in Taiwan. If this law pass 15years many families will be broken. I suggest 12years is enough.its too long for a stay.

  4. Ask. Ko lng po Bout.po sa labor insurance kc hindi p naasikaso yung insurance disgrasya po ako onboard na amputate po yung dalawang daliri ko pero tuloy p din po yung trabaho d2

  5. I pray that the taiwan government will approve the 15 years for us ofws.,

  6. Sana ma approve na ang 15 years or wala na sana ilagay na limit basta kaya pa,,mas gusto kasi ng mga employer ang mga matatagal na kasi sanay at gamay na nila ang mga trabaho don,,,sana talaga ma approve na madami na mga ofw na napauwi na karapat dapat na mag trabaho pa sana kaya lang dahil sa contract na ganyan nababalewala

  7. Taiwan please be giving this time again,,hope after pandemic you give us a chance again to work in your peaceful and beautiful country,,hoping you can have a law to continue 15 years or no limits working their for us ofw thank you so much


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