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Taiwan to expand VAT Refund on tourist?

Taiwan ready to expand its value added tax for tourists purchasing/ buying items made in Taiwan
to bolster its tourism, it will start by September 1, 2017.
By purchasing Taiwanese products more than NTD3000 on the same day from the Tax Refund Shopping posted store, tourists will be able to claim 5% VAT
Refunds can only be claimed within 30 days after purchase.

Requirements for VAT Refund
-Tourists / Foreign traveler holding passports other than the R.O.C
-Application form of VAT Refund
-Travel documents
-Receipt/s of item

Where to Claim VAT Refund?
Foreign Passenger VAT Refund Service Counter at the airport or seaport of departure.

1. Taoyuan Int'l Airport Terminal 1 Departure Hall, 1F, Customs Service Counter
2. Taoyuan Int'l Airport Terminal 2 Departure Hall, 3F, Customs Service Counter
3. Keelung Harbor East 2nd Pier, West 2nd Pier
4. Taichung Airport Customs Service Counter
5. Taichung Harbor Customs Service Counter
6. Hualien Airport 1F, Customs Service Counter
7. Hualien Harbor 1F, Customs Service Counter
8. Kaohsiung Airport 3F, Customs Service Counter
9. Kaohsiung Harbor 3F, Passenger Terminal

Aside from airports and seaports, the foreign traveler can find counters at SOGO Taipei Mall, Taipei 101, Kaohsiung Hanshin Department Store and Shin Kong A8 Store.
Only purchases inside those malls are eligible for the VAT refund.

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