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Visiting Hsinchu Confucius Temple

All major cities in Taiwan sure have Confucius Temple around, they are built with very much detail and simplicity.
Confucius Temple or Taoist Temple is completely quiet and a good place to have peace of mind.

The Hsinchu Confucius Temple was first built in 1817 in Wuchang Street.
This temple in Hsinchu was used for Central Exams during the Qing Dynasty Emperor Jia Qing’s 23rd year.
The Hsinchu Confucius Temple was the official temple during the Qing Dynasty.
Traditionally there are door gods placed to protect the temple, but in this case, a special door was designed with spikes placed in front in lieu of the gods.
It is transferred in Hsinchu in 1957 after the Japanese colonization and restored.

Inside the Temple is the Da Cheng Hall and it is housed by spirit tablets.

Above the tablets, there are two large plaques with calligraphy
The black plaque is Analects of Confucius means "Education for everyone no matter what their background" and a blue plaque which refers to Confucius as a "model teacher for all time."

Every September 28th Confucius birthday, Teachers’ Day a memorial ceremony for Confucius will be held right in front of the Temple.

Every Confucius temple are art and looking at its detail makes you want to learn more about it.
Although the Temple is not that catchy for tourist, it has its own charm and several reasons to pay a visit.

The temple is a 10-15minute walk from the Hsinchu train Station it is beside the Hsinchu park.
Happy trip!


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