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What are the Essential benefits of the National Health Insurance of Taiwan to all OFW?

     Do you know the importance of Health Insurance in Taiwan? If you are a OFW in Taiwan, then you are qualified in this insurance.

How to acquire? 
If you are a legal OFW, your employer or broker are required to register you in the National Health Insurance of Taiwan as per government regulation.

What are the coverage of National Health Insurance?
When you visit a doctor or any clinics and hospitals around Taiwan you will only pay the miscellaneous fees which range from NT$180 to NT$390 or depends upon the hospital. But most clinics and hospitals only range in that kind of amount.

Free in all basic services and free medicines. Yes, you heard it right, FREE MEDICINE Because it is included in their National Health Insurance.

Locals and foreign nationals who are registered of National Health Insurance of Taiwan are enjoying the full free benefits unlike other countries.

What are the following items or services that are not included under the National Health Insurance program, as per Article 51 of the National Health Insurance Act?
  1. Medical service items on which the expenses shall be borne by the government according to other laws or regulations.
  2. Immunization and other medical services on which the expenses shall be borne by the government.
  3. Treatment of drug addiction, cosmetic surgery, non-posttraumatic orthodontic treatment, preventative surgery, artificial reproduction, and sex conversion surgery.
  4. Over-the-counter drugs and non-prescription drugs that should be used under the guidance of a physician.
  5. Services provided by specially designated doctors, specially registered nurses and senior registered nurses.
  6. Blood, except for blood transfusion necessary for emergent injury or illness according to the diagnosis by the doctor.
  7. Human-subject clinical trials.
  8. Hospital day care, except for psychiatric care.
  9. Food, other than that provided through tube feeding, and balance billing on hospital rooms.
  10. Transportation costs, registration fees, and costs of obtaining certificates or medical records.
  11. Dentures, artificial eyes, glasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, canes, and other equipment not required to actually treat the patient.
  12. Other treatments and drugs officially announced by the relevant authorities as not being covered under the National Health Insurance system.



  1. Vere useful tlga yan.ngpapasta,cleaning at bunot ng ngipin 50nt lang byad ko.

  2. may bayad ba ang mga iniinjection pag sa private clinic nagpacheck up

  3. 50NT lang sayo bat sakin 100 bayad ko kada pasta at cleaning 6 times ako pabalik balik 600 lahat binayad ko


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