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New work policy in Taiwan approved amid of thousands are against the amendments

Another amendment to the labor law which may affect to all OFW. I do not know if this will be a good news for all us. But for sure majority of our OFW will be opposing this new burden working schedule.

From the previous law wherein, All migrant workers are entitled to fixed day off and a flexible day off in a week. But some companies are not abiding this kind of rule. And pity to those OFW who are under the company serving 5days work in a week and a fixed off.

Now, there are companies who are abiding the law and requiring their employees to work for 5 consecutive days with minimal overtime in a month.

As of November 9, the cabinet has approved the new amendments of the labor law, even if the people outside the Executive Yuan are yawning and blasting over these new amendments which give the employer the authority to require their employees to work for 12 consecutive days.

The cabinet said that both employer and employees can benefit this new amendment. And also this will help to boost the economy of Taiwan.

Do you think my fellow Ka-Pinoy this will help us or will kill us?

But according to Premier Lai Ching-te (賴清德), Even after the amendments to the Labor Standard Act, the five day work week remains law, which Allowing the employees to work 12 days in a row will still remain an "exception" to the rule.

Do you think my fellow Ka-Pinoy they're giving an “exception or deception”? You, yourself can tell. And Good luck to all of us!


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