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Tips For First Time Applicants In Taiwan

Taiwan house a lot companies from international to local to family businesses. With big companies onboard, they need a lot of manpower to keep the company on progress. A lot of Filipinos working ing Taiwan and mostly first time applicants are needed, see below for tips for first time applicants.

1. Have all your documents ready. Passport, Unified identification card, PEOS, diploma, TOR to name a few.

2. Agencies prefer height and weight qualifications, be cautious about these.

3. Since there are many companies in Taiwan, much better to apply as many as you can.

4. Go to interviews when you are invited, opportunity only strikes ones.

5. Be physically and emotionally  ready.

6. Always bring water and biscuits during the times you apply or during interviews. I promise you, this will help.

7. Practice answering basic mathematics and logic. Mostly, you cant get to interview if you fail the exam

8. Always check posts for hiring, read all details like the company details, agency details, qualifications and requirements.

Good luck to all first time applicants.



  1. Saang egency ba ngaun tumatanggap ng aplicant na nahihirapan mag enlish,,at 5'3height,,60kls.25years old.1year college,electronics technician,,,,gusto ko sana factory worker sa taiwan,,,salamat po.


    Naway makatulong din po sa inyo mga kababayan

  3. Wow it's nice ,very helpful to those want to apply in Taiwan especially the first timer like me . Hopefully I can apply soon ,

  4. My chance ba kaming mga maliliit ang height na matanggap sa Taiwan as factory worker, tulad ko po maliit 4'9 lng, Pero Mataas po experience ko sa electronics.


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