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Types of Roommates You Can Encounter While Working Abroad

Once you were selected as a worker abroad as OFW who work in factories or companies in any positions, you will be grouped from 6 or 8 or even 10 in a room. Listed below are some personalities you can encounter to your roommates:

1. A roommate who always asleep in any given time, sleeps on the table, on a chair and sometimes on your bed!

2. A roommate that steals stuffs, it can be your food (mostly), sometime clothes, even your shoe.

3. A roommate with a bad hygiene, plays basketball then sleeps then go straight to work, just wow.

4. A roommate who always makes noise, chatting at 2AM with a high volume speaker while everyone sleeping, how about that?

5. A roommate that always not around, always on the go even at night.

6. A roommate who is addicted to online games and always saying the 'F' word and awake til morning.

7. A roommate who is alcoholic and a smoker. Tried reminding these kind people, they will pick a fight.

You will encounter different personalities, someone can be your friend or maybe your not so friend. Nevertheless you have your own negative traits towards others, best of all be yourself and have goodlife living and working as OFW in any nation.


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