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Why do some brokers keep on manipulating the OFW plane ticket?

Have you ever been a victim of this some opportunist brokers? Well, maybe thousands of us are fuming with anger to some damn brokers for manipulating the OFW plane ticket.

Thousands of OFW  in Taiwan are working tirelessly so that they could save money for the future but here comes this some opportunist brokers keep on trying to squeeze our empty pockets. Instead of helping the poor OFW, they tend to collect more expensive and excessive fees.

When are we asking why we are not allowed to buy our own ticket? Well, their best answers always, “ Your Insurance is affiliated with the airline company that we choose, so you are not allowed to buy your own ticket...blahhh....blahhh....”

Come’on, meaning to say you really care to us? And you really think about our insurance or you are all thinking the assurance of your respective pockets?  We are not born yesterday!

As far as we know you are after this:
1. Credit card points in every purchase
2. Incentives from Airbus companies in every referral
3. Double incentives that you received from the “kulurom” vehicles that you hired to be used for transportation from dormitory to terminal.

Well, there may be a lot of reasons for this some brokers but as far as we know, all Airbus companies have an insurance. And if you are worried about our flight details, now it is our responsibility as an OFW to must give every detail about the flight. But not to the point that you will restrict us in choosing our Airbus. There is no section or article in Taiwan labor law that you are given the full authority to restrict us from buying or choosing our airbuses.

Another issue is that you are depriving our freedom of comfort in traveling from dormitories to the terminal.You let us rides on the vehicles that you hired wherein they drivers are kept on picking passengers from other dormitories along the way going to the terminal even if the vehicle doesn't have enough space, the result is, we look like sardines. You know what, the vehicle most of the time are overloading from dormitories to the terminal. And it’s risky.

Now, on behalf of OFW in Taiwan, We are calling the MECO and MOL to please take a look at this long issue that we OFW are facing. Salamat Ka-Pinoy!


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