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Answers To Common Questions Regarding Company Transfer In Taiwan

A lot of questions coming from our valued readers asking if it is legal to seek a new job or transfer to a new employer. In response to this several and the same questions, we did a thorough research and ask an expert on this topic.

While working with my current employer in Taiwan, Am I allowed to seek a new job?
Yes, everyone has the right to seek a new employer but of course, you will face the consequences.

What are the consequences?
You will pay the break contract fee, and it will be computed according to your remaining months or year of your contract.

Other possible consequences are:
you will be blacklisted by the employer and brokers and also be blacklisted by your agency in the Philippines.

How will I not be blacklisted?
Ask a “Release form” from your current employer. And do the resignation according to company’s rules and regulation.

What is a “Release form”?
It is a clearance used to exit from your current employer.

How important is the Release form?
If you will be selected for the job, you will need this form because if you cannot secure this clearance you will go home and process your documents in the Philippines.

What if my company give me the release form?
Lucky for you, because you can transfer right away to your future employer without spending thousands of pesos.

What if my company did not give the release form?
Well, if you are already a selected applicants, you will obliged to go back to the Philippines for the processing of documents.

Where and how will we process my documents in the Philippines?
Your future employer will hand you over to their corresponding agencies in the Philippines. The procedure and fees will be the same as a contractual.

I have 6 months remaining on my contract, Am I allowed to transfer?
Those OFW who have less than 1 year remaining in their contract are not allowed to transfer or else if they apply and be selected, they will process the documents in the Philippines.

I have 2 months before my contract end, Am I eligible to transfer?
In the labor law, the broker or employer must give  60 days notice prior a contract ends.
The employer must give notice wether an employee will be extended or not. If not, the employee is given 60 days to look for another employer or else he or she will home to the Philippines.

This article serves only as a guide, the accuracy and completeness of details are still in the hands of brokers and other authorities.



  1. pwde po ba mg break contract kung nakapirma na po ng panibago contract tapos po gusto mg transfer ng company

  2. pumyag po company q na lilipat aq kasi wla po kami o.t dto ..pero sabi ng broker nawala daw po papers q sa kanila posible po ba un .. mag 2years na wla o.t dto ..ngaun lang po nkahanap ng lilipatan and requested po aq

  3. Sir mam may babayaran ka ba pag nag break contract?

  4. im almost 1yr here in my new factory i want to change a factory because my boss always shouting at me and my job is very difficult how can i transfer to another company?

    1. same tau. 1yr pa lng aq at ngbabalak mg break contract tapos transfer to other company,masama ugali nung leadr namin tapos minsan lng kmi bgyan ng ot na mga panggbi ang unfair ng gnagwa nla nakaaway pa aq na ka rum8 q, at aq ang binaliktad xa lhat .

  5. sino po nakapagtransfer dito na ndi pa tapos ang contrata nila sa current employer nila.

    like me 1year and 6mos palang po

  6. salamat po sa reply sa tanong ko


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