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Beware of Fake Accounts Pretending to be an agent from 7-Eleven Ibon

Be Vigilant my fellow OFW here in Taiwan or in other countries using social media in transacting with your remittance. Recently some of our fellow OFW have experience scam or fraud alert from FAKE facebook account pretending to be an agent from 7-Eleven Ibon.

Some of our fellow OFW here in Taiwan experience fraud alert or even reported that their remittance had been scam. We don’t want to mention their names for privacy.

A Tips coming from 7- Eleven Ibon

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To our valued remitters

We would like to assure you that Western Union is reliable, safe and secured money remittance since we have been in the business for over 140 YEARS Globally.

We encourage customers to contact us so we may assist you immediately all concern. BUT, please do keep in mind that we never ask for your "MTCN" information.
* Do NOT give MTCN to anyone except for your receiver.
* Do NOT use your friend's account to send money via 7-Eleven ibon. It might give scammers a chance when you exchange MTCN text message.
* And again AVOID making comments on our FB page if its regarding your transaction that is not yet claimed! Pls send a pm (private message) so we may address your concern immediately.

Finally, we also encourage customers to get help from the police👨‍✈👨‍✈👨‍✈ if you think you have been scammed.

To get to know Western Union more please view this page:


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