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What Is Direct E-Recruitment System For Taiwan Under POEA?

A lot of us are looking for alternate ways to find a job. Most of us are eyeing Taiwan as a country of destination. But did you know that they're Special Hiring Program for Taiwan?

What is Special Hiring Program for Taiwan( SHPT)?
It is an International Direct E-recruitment System (IDES) which is under the POEA and Service Center-Workforce Development Agency of Taiwan with the participation of Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO)

Is there any online registration?
Yes, must register the SHPT-IDES E-registration system for Taiwan at

What are the documents to be submitted?
-Valid Passport with at least 1year remaining
- National Certificate of Tesda for skilled and caregiving sectors
-NBI clearance
- School Diploma and school credentials
- Employment Certificate

What are the qualifications?
- Must have enough experience in the job you are applying for like in manufacturing, construction, Fishery, domestic service, and caregiving.
-If be selected, the applicants must be willing to undergo the 6-days Comprehensive Pre-departure Education Program(CPDEP) of OWWA.
- Must undergo the Pre- Employment Orientation Seminar or PEOS. Must register at

How much will I spend including my visa fee and Airfare?
Approximately Php 23,500.
For more information about e-registration, you may email


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