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Japan Approves Increase Of Foreign Workers As Taiwan Likely To Be Affected 

Starting April 2019, foreign workers and laborers from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, China, Myanmar, Nepal and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) of the Philippines will be eligible for a new residence status and permit to work in Japan. 

Last Christmas Day, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan approved amending laws on immigration and foreign labor that will increase the foreign workers permitted and allowed to work in Japan. These approval may affect the foreign labor of Taiwan as it also has the same law as Japan will have more higher and expanded opportunities for foreign laborers.

According to reports, an estimate of 345,000 foreign workers are expected to work in Japan in the next five years. This could be a problem for Taiwan as its labor force maybe affected with more skilled candidates and workers competes for a job position in Japan rather in Taiwan.

Industries include nursing, nursing aide and elderly care, food service and construction industry are the main sectors that Japan needs. As the year goes, other industries will open for foreign workers as the above mention industry will have the highest number of laborers.

Factory manufacturing, hotel industry, food processing,  agriculture and fishing as well as janitorial work are also likely to expand. Japan as a high class country offers high quality of immigration process and quality of living in the country.


Micron Technology to hire more than 1000 staff with high basic salary next year

Good news for all migrant workers, Micron Technology which is one of the largest investors in Taiwan is about to hire 1,000 new staff for the next year.

According to Micron Technology, they will hire for a variety specialist in Engineering and the basic salary for the Engineers with a bachelors degree will be NT46,000 and for those with a Masters degree will be NT$50,000.

Micron has its Production Plant in Taoyuan and testing plant in Taichung with a service center in Taipei.


Hiring: Factory Workers For Wu Fu Yang Knitting Corp In Taiwan

Wu Fu Yang Knitting Corporation

Wufuyang Knitting Co. is the first sock factory to be established in Taiwan with its history tracing back to the Japanese Occupation Era. In the early 1930's , the company's founder Mr. Wu Nai Yang observed that there was a market for socks in Taiwan so he purchased a few hand-cranked sock machines from Shanghai and hired master craftsmen to help manufacture ladies' silk stockings. From then on, socks have become an inseparable part of the Wu family. 

Company Location:
New Taipei, Taiwan

-Male, 28-35yrs old
-At least High School Graduate
-165cm and above in height
-Weight proportional to height
-with factory work experience in a textile company
-for first timers only

Visit and apply personally at Melakom Global Services agency at 1662 Goodwill Bldg, Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila or at Melakom Cebu Branch at 3rd Flr LDM Bldg., Legaspi St., Cebu City


What are the worst diseases during winter?

Do you know that during winter season we are more prone to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases? Yes, and two of the popular are Respiratory and Cardiovascular diseases.

What are the most prone diseases?
1. Aneurysm
- Those with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases should always monitor the blood pressure and the wear warm clothes when going out.

2. Myocardial Infarction
- Those having a history of cardiovascular disease should take the usual medicine and add more clothes when going out.

3. Poor Circulation
- Wear gloves and socks during LOW temperature to minimize loss of body temperature.

4. Flu
- Guard one's personal hygiene. Wash hands and wear a mask to reduce the chances of getting infected.

5. Rhinitis
- Wear face mask and scarf to keep warm and to prevent some allergic irritation nor catching germs.

- Take regular medication; Be reminded to keep your nose and mouth warm

Be aware of the your health and improve your witness during winter!


First snow this winter in Taiwan is expected on weekends

Do you want to experience the first snow of winter in Taiwan? Well, it seems that we will experience the snow this weekend before the year-end. According to CWB forecaster Chen Wei-Liang, the present cold weather will continue until Dec. 30 which will drop upto 11-14 degrees Celcius in Northern Taiwan, and 16-17 degrees Celcius in Southern Taiwan.

The first snow is expected in all mountains with 3,000 meters above the sea level. and the temperature is expected to drop at zero degrees Celcius.

The CWB also forecast that we will not see the sunrise on January 1 due to thick clouds that will blanket the whole islands of Taiwan. The cold weather is expected to last until the weekends because of the low pressure affecting from the Philippines.


Taiwan Hiring: Production Workers For Cheng UEI Precision Industry Under Foxlink Group

Cheng UEI Precision Industry Co. Ltd (Foxlink Group)

Foxlink design, manufactures and sells connectors, cable assemblies, power management devices, battery packs on an OEM/ODM basis to some of the world’s leading makers of communications devices, computers and consumer electronics. Foxlink’s customers include some of the best-known and most respected industry leaders, and have solid and long-term partnership with. In addition to its expertise in the components, Foxlink and its subsidiaries have successfully developed diversified products in the area of wireless communications and optical technology, targeting to provide customers the total solution from components to turnkey products with highest quality.

Company Location:
New Taipei, Taiwan

-Female, 20-30yrs old
-At least Vicational Graduate
-155cm and above in height
-Weight proportional to height
-with factory work experience
-accpet first timers and ex-Taiwan

Visit and apply personally at Sky Bourne International Inc at 1679 Dian St., Brgy San Isidro, Makati City, Manila.

Taiwan Hiring: Production Operators For Qun Hong Technology Inc

Company: Qun Hong Technology Inc.

Company Overview:
Qun Hong Technology Inc. was formerly HsingPong Plant of Unimicron Technology Corp.. To concentrate on market and future development of Rigid-flex PCB, the company was spun off and founded on March 27th, 2015, and officially started operation on March 1st , 2016. Qun Hong Technology committed to R&D and manufacture of high-end Rigid-flex PCB to provide customers with superior quality and professional service.

1. Taoyuan County, Taiwan
2. Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Module of Multi-Layer Flex, Rigid Flex, Super thin HDI board and Cavity Product use for smartphones, battery, camera and others

-Female, 21yrs old and above
-Vocational graduate / 2yrs or 4yrs in college 
-Height proportional to weight
-With or without work experience
-No tattoo, not colorblind
-Accepts First timer (and Ex-Taiwan)

How to apply?
Visit and apply personally at World Wiser International agency at 2nd flr DM Bldg., FB Harrison, Pasay City, Manila. Bring necessary documents.

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OFW Remittances All Over The World Hits P1Trillion

Based on the data from Bangko Central ng Pilipinas, Overseas Filipino Workers remittances worldwide reached a total of Php1Trillion and still counting. Remittances of 2018 is much higher than of in 2017.

According to ACTS-OFW Party-list Rep John Bertiz, Saudi Arabia has the highest remittance on all of OFW even a Saudization rule applies, an estimate of Php8Billion remittance came from Saudi Arabia alone. OFW are still in demand as around 1.9million OFW have been deployed worldwide.

The remittances of OFW provides growth to the economy of the Philippines. Skilled workers and professional workers still finding jobs overseas to have a better financial capacity to bring to their respective families.


Taiwan Hiring: Production Operators For Unitech Corporation

Company: Unitech Printed Circuit Board Corporation

Company Overview:
Established at Tucheng Industrial Park in December 1984, with economic growth and industrial development in Taiwan,beginning with producing MLB(Multilayer PCB) used in PC and upgrading to high-density interconnection (HDI) PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB used in smart device and smart car, continuing with outstanding talent, technology research and development, excellent teamwork and efficient management, keep improving and progressing in the printed circuit board industry.

Yilan County, Taiwan

-Female, 20yrs old and above
-Vocational graduate / 2yrs or 4yrs in college 
-Height 150cm and above
-Weight proportional to height
-With or without experience
-No tattoo, not colorblind
-Accepts First timer (and Ex-Taiwan)

How to apply?
Visit and apply personally at World Wiser International agency at 2nd flr DM Bldg., FB Harrison, Pasay City, Manila. Bring necessary documents.


A Pile of dead Pigs found under the bridge of Shoufeng in Taiwan?

How true that the African Swine fever is now in Taiwan? There are rumors and speculations but no confirmation yet whether there are farms that are already infected. But late Tuesday a concern Citizen from the Town of Shoufeng in the County of Hualien had reported to the authorities that they've seen a pile of dead pigs under the bridge of the said Town.

The Authorities now are investigating the case and undergoing testing for the African Swine Fever. The Police are now tracking the CCTV's and looking after the culprit.

Meanwhile, The Authorities have reprimanded the Poultry Farms to follow the code of conduct in disposing of dead animals.

Despite of the new unknown case(under investigation). The Authorities are asking the community to keep calm an be vigilant.

As of now, Taiwan has NO CASE of African Swine Fever as per the authorities.


Hiring: Production Workers For Unimicron Technology In Taiwan

Company: Unimicron Technology Corporation

Company Overview:
UNIMICRON TECHNOLOGY CORP. is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the manufacture, processing and distribution of printed circuit boards (PCBs).  The Company operates its businesses within domestic market and to overseas markets. Provide high value-added,high quality,high productivity,innovation and service and pursue customer, employee, shareholder satisfaction and fulfill social responsibility.

1. Taoyuan County, Taiwan
2. Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Conventional PCB(Printed Circuit Board), HDI(High Density Interconnection) PCB, RF(Rigid Flex) PCB, HLC(High Layer Count) PCB, FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit Board), IC Carrier, IC Testing and burn-in

-Male & Female, 21yrs old and above
-Vocational graduate / 2yrs or 4yrs in college 
-Height proportional to weight
-With or without experience
-No tattoo, not colorblind
-Accepts First timer (and Ex-Taiwan)

How to apply?
Visit and apply personally at World Wiser International agency at 2nd flr DM Bldg., FB Harrison, Pasay City, Manila. Bring necessary documents.


Hiring Taiwan: Cook for Taroko International Co. Ltd.


Position: Female Cook
Location: Kaohsiung Taiwan


For your applications please visit:
Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation
Adress: 14tH flr (LEFT WING) De Leon center, M. H. Del Pilar St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila,

For more info.Pls call us:
Look for Ms. Lolit
mobile No. 09178081060/09985947863


New Features of Facebook Messenger in Retrieving and deleting wrong sent messages soon to release

Do you always encounter wrong send messages, pictures, etc?

Well for the coming months Facebook user will experience new features because Facebook has redesigned the messenger applications wherein you can retrieve and delete wrong messages that you've sent. Meaning you will be able to retrieve and delete your messages in receivers phone without asking the consent of the receiver to delete.

According to Tech Giant, the users will be given 10 minutes only to bring back the wrong messages. Unlike this present, the messenger cannot retrieve or delete the wrongly sent.

It is expected to benefits to 1.3 billion Facebook users around the world.

Taiwan is first in Asia to implement "Natural Death Law" starting 2019

     Are you aware of Mercy killing? For more than a decade it is being debated if whose in favor of Mercy Killing. But don't you know that Taiwan is the first Country in Asia to implement the "Patient Right to Autonomy Act." or known to be "Natural Death Law." Yes, you read it right! Starting January 1, 2019. This Act will take effect.

What is "Patient Right to Autonomy Act."?
This stipulates respect for patient autonomy in health care that includes clear definitions or patients rights on terminating of Life-Sustaining Treatment and also artificial nutrition and hydration.

this new Act can instruct the Medical Institutions or Physicians to partially or fully terminate the life-sustaining treatment but have to undergo thorough evaluations.

The law had been drafted last 2015 and passed the legislative Yuan but it is only now to be implemented in 2019 with a clearer five conditions.

What are the five conditions?
1. Terminally ill
2. Irreversible Coma
3. Persistent Vegetative State
4. Suffering from Severe Dementia
5. Determined with Unbearable or Incurable disease

Despite of controversies Taiwan made it as first Country in Asia to implement "Natural Death Law."


National Health Insurance in Taiwan is set to Increase starting January 1, 2019?

Is the year 2019 prosperous to migrant workers in Taiwan? Well, some are excited for the coming year because all of us know that there will be an increase in basic wage from current NT$22,000 to NT$23,100.

Well if there is a basic salary increase, of course, the Labor Insurance of Individual will also increase.

What changes starting January 1, 2019?
1. The National Pension Premiums will rise from current 8.5% to 9% or from NT$28 to NT$55.
2. The National Health Insurance Premiums will increase from NT$4 to NT$15.

So this will be the increase for the next year just check your payslip.


Taiwan's Communications and Cellphones devices Exports rapidly drop to 70% this year?

Do you know that Taiwan's Cellphone and Internet/Communication exportation drop rapidly to more than 70% for 11 months this year 2018?

Yes, definitely drop compared to the data shown from previous years according to the Ministry of Finance. The smartphones and features phone down for 71.9% or a totaled US$400 million than the previous year.

However, they have seen an increase in the demands of Chinese brands cell phones but some suppliers from South Korea are gearing up to expand the production that keeping the pressure of the Chinese brand.

Could this be the reason why some companies declare bankruptcy or crosscutting of overtime?

Some say Taiwan is under pressure of their economy due to the political position which is against China.


Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Win-win Electronic Technology International Limited

Company: Win-win Electronic Technology International Limited
Company Overview:
Win-win Electronic Technology International Limited is a professional distribution for semiconductor equipment (Semiconductor) and surface mount (SMT) manufacturing equipment in China Mainland and HK. As an agent for a variety of high-tech equipment manufacturers in China, we mainly serve the semiconductor assembly factory, surface mount plant, as well as universities and research institutions, win-win electronic dedicate to provide complete solutions on the process and equipment.

Position: Female Factory Worker
Location:  Kaohsiung Taiwan


How to apply?
Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation
Address: 14tH flr (LEFT WING) De Leon center, M. H. Del Pilar St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila

For more info. Pls call:
Look for Ms. Lolit / Elsa
Company mobile No. 09178081060/09985947863


Need Help? Call 1955 for FREE in Taiwan

Do you know that we can call hotline 1955 for 24/7 for labor consultations and other complaints with regards to our working condition for FREE?

What is hotline 1955?
It provides information about hiring and consulting for foreign workers services and it is set up to serve foreign workers as well as the employers.

What are the 6 Major Services?
1. Consultation Service
- if you have any questions regarding your employment contract, salary, working hours, Occupational hazards, and Manpower agency service fee and related problems, just call and they will provide you with detailed consulting services.

2. Complaints Service
- If you have a labor dispute, suffer from unreasonable treatment or personal injury etc. Appeal the case and they will refer your complaint case to the local government Bureau of Labor or Judicial Police Investigation and deal with according to the law, in order to protect your rights.

3. Provide Legal Advice
- If you have any legal questions regarding labor disputes, they can provide information on legal assistance.

4. Referal to Temporary Shelter Service
- If you are involved in labor disputes, suffer from unreasonable treatment or personal injury. They will refer your needs to local government Bureau of Labor and provide a temporary shelter.

5. Instant Service on Air Translation
- During your work period in Taiwan, when you go to the hospital, go for public business, work or at your leisure time. They will immediately provide the translation service over the line.

6. Information Service about other relevant Government Department
- If you have the problem under the authority of the government agencies, such as Department of Health Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, National Immigration Agency or the Police. Then they will provide with their contact information.

What are the 3 Service Features?
1. 24/7 Service
- They provide 24/7 professional service not only on the daily basis but including during National Holidays or during midnight hours.

2. Bilingual Operator
- Their Operators not only speak Chinese but they also provide counseling services in English or Filipino, Thailand, Indonesian and  Vietnamese.

3. Free Hotline
- The service line is not for profit, so it doesn't matter to call by using your cell phone, home phone or public phone. It's free of charge! Just speak up.


Hiring: Factory Workers For Win Win Electronic In Taiwan

Company Overview:
Win-win Electronic Technology International Limited is a professional distribution for semiconductor equipment (Semiconductor) and surface mount (SMT) manufacturing equipment in China Mainland and HK. As a agents for variety of high-tech equipment manufacturers in China, we mainly serve the semiconductor assembly factory, surface mount plant, as well as universities and research institutions, win-win electronic dedicate to provide complete solutions on the process and equipment.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

-Female, 20yrs old above
-Single only
-Vocational or College Graduate
-156cm above in height
-60kg below in weight
-with related work experience in electronics
-For first timers

Visit and apply personally at Japan Maruko International agency at 14th flr De Leon Center Building, MH Del Pilar Street cor Nuestro Senora De Guia, Ermita, Manila


Hiring: Factory Workers For USI Company In Taiwan

Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI)

Established in 1976, Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI) is a global leading DMS (design and manufacturing service) company. With its design-to-distribution total solutions and module-to-systems product offerings, USI is recognized as the strategic DMS partner for global IT and communications brands in the 4C (Computing, Communications, Consumer Electronics and Car Electronics) industries.

Taichung, Taiwan

-Female, 21yrs old and above
-Height: 150 cm & above   
-Weight: Proportion to height
-Education: Vocational Graduate
-Candidate must have experience in Electronics industry & clean room department
-Able to wear bunny suit / clean room suit for long period
-No sweaty hands
-Ex-Taiwan is accepted (must be finished contract with employment certificate)
• Strictly No Tattoo
• No Colorblind
• No late registered (from age 20 years old and above)

1636 F. Agoncillo St. Malate, Manila 


Hiring: Factory Workers For Asia Optical In Taiwan

Company: Asia Optical

Operating different kinds of business, Asia Optical carries out vertical and horizontal integration to successfully manage sixteen divisions to provide all-in-one service. Pursuance of edge-cutting technology, human nature based management, leading optical industry, sharing business results, encouraging employees to move forward are parts of Asia Optical’s business philosophy.

2nd Rd., Tanzi District, Taichung City, Taiwan

-Female, 21yrs old and above
-Height: 155 cm & above   
-Weight: below 58 kgs
-Education: Vocational Graduate or College Graduate
-With or without related work experience
-No near-sighted
-Ex-Taiwan is accepted (must be finished contract with employment certificate)
-Strictly No Tattoo, no Colorblind
-No late registered (from age 20 years old and above)

Visit and apply personally at Grand Placement & General Services Corp at 1636 F. Agoncillo St. Malate, Manila 1004


MIAA Warned OFW About Snatchers And Thieves At The Airport

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) warned Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and tourists regarding thieves at the airport. An influx of arriving vacationing OFW from different countries will surely go through and they advise to stay vigilant.

According to MIAA general Manager that recently security personnel have resolved an issue regarding the snatchers that caught worth Php120,000 and the other caught Php250,000. Due to a very busy atmosphere in the holiday season, pickpockets are expected to take advantage.

They assure that airport security are on guard to maintain peace and order. If something is missing, immediately report any loss belongings to the respective airline companies as MIAA does not handle any baggage.

All baggage handlers in NAIA are equipped with body camera and they are not allowed to wear clothes with pockets and any personal pieces of jewelry.


Financial Distress Faced By Taiwanese Company Chunghwa Picture Tubes

Chunghwa Precision Tubes have a sudden suspension of work with no notice on their two factories in Taoyuan, the company is known as display screen manufacturer. Its factories from Longtan District and Yangmei District had been shut down.

Employees reported for work but to no avail as everything is uncertain regarding the status of the company. The company employs an estimate of 4,400 employees with local Taiwanese and migrant workers together with Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

The company is on a financial distress and its loan must be paid immediately. Restructure is needed that is why the company suddenly suspended and shutdown the two plants. It cause too much confusion from the company’s suppliers, clients, partners and mostly its employees.

According to report, early signs of its financial distress is that is already cut 20% of its manpower that happen last September 2018 but the company deny it as they only announce a 1.4% cut of its workforce.


Kinds of "Pasalubong" that we need to avoid when going to Taiwan

Recently the Government of Taiwan had amended the fine and penalties to the higher amount which ranges for first time offender is NT$50,000 then the second offense is NT$500,000, and if be caught for the third time then the penalty is NT$1 million.

There are so many kind of confusion on what are allowed "Pasalubong" to bring.

Not Allowed:
1. Meat products. Processed or unprocessed is strictly prohibited.
- meaning cooked or uncooked is not allowed
2. All uncooked agricultural products are not allowed.
- like fresh fruits, seeds, any herbal like leaves, and roots. if you want to bring then you have to secure a permit.
3. Processed foods with meat
- all cooked food mixed with meat is not allowed. like alamang, burgers, etc.

What is allowed:
1. All kinds of seafood are allowed and must be sealed properly but remember must no pork mixed in it.
2. All kinds of delicacies (cooked fruits, seafood, etc.)

What if I will be caught?
The offenders will be given one month to pay the penalty.

Beware mga Kabayan!


Taiwanese Tourists Ranked 6th Most To Visit The Philippines

Accounting for a total of 5.36 million visitors and tourist in the Philippines for this year of 2018, Taiwanese tourist ranked 6th and about 3.46% of the total visitors according to the Department of Tourism (DOT). 

Taiwan ranked 6th largest source of tourist amassing 185,200+; visitors behind South Korea (1.18million+ visitors), China (972,550+) and United States (774,600+), although the biggest growth of tourists came from China.

As a tropical island with its beautiful shores, beaches, the Philippines still looking for an estimate of 7.4million at the end of the year. Philippine tourism contributes to the growth of its economy.

The recently opening of the cleaned and renovated with strict rules and regulation of the island of Boracay will surely add to the growth of tourist and as per the Philippine tourism, Baguio City comes next.


New Violator in Taiwan fined NT$50,000 for Meat Smuggling

Taoyuan, Taiwan- Dec.15, 2018. Isang Taiwan National ang nahulihan ng 3.6kg ng "processed meat" ngayong araw. Mula sa Hangzhou City, China.

Pinagmulta si Ku ng NT$50,000 para sa unang offense at kinumpiska ang dala nito na nakasilid sa kanyang maleta.

Labis na pina-iigting ng Gobyerno ng Taiwan ang pagdala ng kontrabando dahil sa lumalalang sitwasyon ng "AFRICAN SWINE FEVER" na aabot na sa 20 probinsya ng China ang apektado.


First Cold Wave to Hit Taiwan Sunday Afternoon

Taipei, Taiwan- Dec. 15, 2018. Bahagyang baba ang temperatura sa Northern Taiwan bukas linggo ng hapon. Ito ay dahil sa unang bugso ng malamig na klima ng Northern Monsoon. Ito'y ayon sa Taiwan Central Weather Bureau.

Inaasahang baba mula 11-14 degree celcius bukas ng hapon. At mas mababa pa sa mga mataas na parte ng Taiwan.

Kaya para iwas sa sakit magsuot ng makakapal na kasuotan.


Strict and High Penalties for Meat Smugglers to Taiwan now imposed

Taipei, Taiwan- (Dec.15, 2018) Aabot sa 8 katao ang unang nasampolan ng bagong batas kahapon. Aabot sa humigit kumulang NT$280,000 ang inabot ng multa.

Nagsimula na kahapon ang pagpataw ng mataas na multa sa sinumang mahuhuli na magdadala ng “MEAT” o karne sa Taiwan.

Magkano ang multa?
1st offense ay NT$50,000 
2nd Offense ay NT$500,000
3rd offense ay NT$1 million

Ang pagtaas ng multa ay resulta ng walang pakundangan sa pagpasok ng “MEAT” sa Taiwan ng dayuhan at mga lokal. 

Labis na pinagbabawal ng Taiwan ang pagdala nito dahil sa lumalalang sitwasyon ng “SWINE FEVER” sa China at karatig bansa.

Kaya ingat tayo mga kabayan.

No Need To Return The Seven Public Holidays – Executive Yuan

The scrapped holidays that were abolished last 2016 were Youth Day, Teachers Day, Retrocession Day, Chiang Kai-Shek’s Birthday, Sun Yat-Sen Birthday and the day following New Year’s Day. On a question and answer session with Premier Lai that he consider reinstating the seven public holidays.

The statement gained public attention that keeps protesters all over the country to bring back the holidays.

“The seven public holidays were abolished under the prerequisite that workers would have more weekly days off following first-phase amendments to the Labor Standards Act” according to the Executive Yuan. They insist that private workers now have more weekly off but holidays reduced from 19 to 12 

Though Ministry of Labor said that they will hold meetings regarding that matter with the Ministry of Interior. Public workers are enjoying more sick leave, wedding leave, funeral leave than those working in private.

Hiring: Production Engineer For Kingpak Technology In Taiwan

Company Name: 
Kingpak Technology Inc

Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Position: Production Engineer
Salary: Negotiable

Company overview:
KINGPAK Technology Inc  (formerly International Branding Marketing Inc) was founded in November 1997 and is one of Taiwan's top IC packaging suppliers. Leveraged on core Tiny BGA packaging technology to achieve good heat dissipation, low energy consumption, small area, high capacity and high efficiency memory packaging application. Subsequently led industry peers in pioneering the world's first patented PIP packaging technology and became an indispensable player in the memory and memory card packaging market.

> Female
> 28-35 yrs old
>Height proportional to weight
> College Graduate preferaby Engineering Course 
> with work experience as Production Engineer
> First timer and Ex- Taiwan are accepted

Visit and report personally to MIP Internatinal Manpower Serviced
Agency Address: 28 GSIS AVE, GSIS Village, Project 8, Quezon City, Manila


Hiring: Quality Engineers For UTAC Holdings Ltd In Taiwan

UTAC Holdings Ltd

UTAC Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries (“UTAC”) is a leading independent provider of assembly and test services for a broad range of semiconductor chips with diversified end uses, including in-communications devices (such as smartphones, Bluetooth and WiFi), consumer devices, computing devices, automotive devices, security devices, and devices for industrial and medical applications.

Hsinchu, Taiwan

-Male/Female, 21yrs old and above
-College Graduate
-With work experience in semiconductor precceses relating to Assembly / Final Test
-Knowledge in 8D reports and QC Seven Tools

Apply personally at JS Contractor Inc at JS Contractor Building, 423 Magallanes St, Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila, Philippines. Bring necessary documents.


Hiring: Factory Workers For Ming Hwei Energy In Taiwan

Company: Ming Hwei Energy Co Ltd

The leading manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners in Taiwan, who was founded in 1978 and its logo THE  is well known as the best brand in stainless steel fasteners worldwide market. It’s noticed that more and more stainless steel fasteners produced are used in PV Solar Power Systems.


Company Address: Yunlin, Taiwan
Industry: Electronics Components, Optoelectronics Industry

Main Products: Solar Module, Battery
Age: 24-34 y/o
Status: Preferably Married; Single
Height: 158cm or above
Weight: 60kgs & below
Ex-Taiwan: must have completed at least 3 years contract
With Abroad, Factory & Work Experience of at least 2 yrs.
Must be sweat free hands
Must have basic computer knowledge
Must carry 5kgs everyday (100x per shift)
Agree to work on AM or PM shifts
Interested Pls apply at Treasure of Hope International
Address :4th Floor, Pentagrand Building, No. 58 Mother Ignacia, Quezon City
 Tel.# : 02- 3324673
Requirements: Valid passport at least 1 yr, UMID, Birth Cert. and other ID for checking.

Taiwan and Philippines Inked In Six Memorandum Of Agreements

In the annual Taiwan-Philippines Industrial Collaboartion Summit, Taiwan’s Chinese National Federation of Industries with the Filipino industry associations in Taipei have inked and signed six memorandum of agreements or MOU.

Under the signed MOU’s, looking for the growth of opportunity and cooperation in the industries of electronics, semiconductor, electric motorbike or E-Bike, energy and plastic industries.

Also in the said MOU that Taiwanese businesses will increase its readiness and inclination of investments in the Philippines according to Deputy Economics Minister Wang Mei-Hua of Taiwan.

Taiwan and Philippines have are doing good and correctly cooperated especially in the electronics industry where some big companies already invested in. Philippine investing will reduce risk for Taiwanese businesses of on-going trade war between US and China.


"New Economy Immigration Bill" gives hope to Permanent Residency in Taiwan

Taiwan Government is giving another hope to all migrant workers especially to "med level" workers. The cabinet had drafted last November 29, 2018 a new bill called "New Economy Immigration Bill" that aims to give more incentives and easier access to permanent residency.

The main target of this bill is to attract more foreign national to work in Taiwan. based on the data, Taiwan has an annual shortage of Manpower for at least 110,000 annually.

What are the qualifications to access permanent residency?
1. Workers with Skilled talent
2. more than six years working in Taiwan
3. At least High School Graduate
4. Have a Professional Certificate
5. Graduate from Overseas Technical Training Course
6. Migrants with mid-level skills

Another requirement for Mid-level Technical Personnel should have Professional Certificates or other Certification documents, with annual quotas set for each industry. And living in Taiwan for a minimum of 183 days per year for five (5) consecutive years.

Note: the monthly income should not be below 70% of the average salary in the field of profession.

for Factory Workers, Technicians, Assistant Professionals, Mechanical Operators, Assembler. the monthly threshold is NT$41,393.

for Social Workers and Health Workers, the monthly salary threshold should match the long-term caregivers which is NT$32,000.

Once the draft bill will be approved by legislative Yuan, the company will now be allowed to submit a list of personnel that is capable to access the Permanent Residency.

Take note this new bill is drafted in replacement of the previous drafted bill. this new bill seeks to lessen the requirement in getting the APRC. And also the cabinets wait to finished the election before drafting a new bill.


What OFWs In Taiwan Can Do To Handle Christmas Away From Home

There are few things that an OFW can do to spend Christmas away from home. It is normal to feel homesick and spend the holidays away from your family and loved ones. Everybody knows that the Filipino culture of celebrating Christmas and holiday season is very warm and not every OFW will have the chance to go home and celebrate it.

Here are some ideas to cope with spending Christmas away from home:

1.  Celebrate with fellow Filipinos

The best way to celebrate Christmas abroad is to celebrate it with fellow Filipinos. Cook or buy foods, have a cheers and have a mini party. You will like home specially if these fellow Filipinos are your friends. 

2. Plan what to do on day offs

You may celebrate the holiday season on your own way, plot and plan according your rest days / day offs. You may watch a movie, go somewhere else, go shopping, visit other Filipinos.

3. Send gifts at home

Balikbayan box, yes, every family at wait always wait for this box. Find cheap items for give if you are on a budget. There are lots of stores in Taiwan selling items for cheap. Have a list on who will you send your gifts and send your balikbayan box on time.

4.  Go to a place that is new to you

Instead of malls, go to parks or some tourists attractions in the city. Go to a place that you’ve never been before, this is a good experience as this new place to you will give you a relaxing mood. Taiwan has a variety of attractions to visit.

5. Volunteer to communities in your area

There are lots for voluntary works during holiday season, since this is the season of giving why not help. Volunteer for the likes of homeless or at the home of the aged.

6. Look forward for a brighter tomorrow

Emotionally sad of being away from home on Christmas, always looks for the brighter future and the reason why you work abroad. For the future and good life of your family right? Maybe in the next holiday season you will have vacation back home.


International Migrants Day Set To Celebrate in Taoyuan

The 2018 Taoyuan International Migrants Day to be held in Zhongli District in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Backed by the Toayuan City government the event will be on December 16, 2018 Sunday 10:00am onwards.

Taoyuan, Taiwan as the fourth largest population of migrants next to Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung as it release news and announcement regarding the said event. An estimated count of 59,000 of new immigrants, foreign and migrant workers and overseas Chinese.

Everyone is invited in the event, the venue will also have a local and international food fair and a free concert featuring La Paradisia, known for their combination of singing, guitar and saxophone.

Enjoy a relaxing day together with other migrants of the country, there are picnic style events and different contest that every migrant can join in.


Paskong Pinoy 2018 To Highlight Caroling Competition

Paskong Pinoy 2018 is organized and funded by the Manila Economic & Cultural Office (MECO) as the representatives of the Philippines to bring a joyful Christmas event for Filipinos in Taiwan. The event will be held at Expo Hall, Flower Expo Park located in Zongshan North Road in Taipei on December 9, 2017 (Sunday) from 09:00AM onwards.

Paskong Pinoy is an annual event of MECO during holiday season. This years theme is 'Big Hearts, Big Group: Pa-Christmas Caroling ng MECO'. The agency invites and 20 groups already registered consisting of 15-30 members that will do a traditional caroling for a maximum of 6minutes.

Top five winning group will recieve a  Noche Buena package, also the five winning groups will recieve a cash prize and will be donated to a selected beneficiary in the Philippines that includes charity, church, hospitals, orphanage and others.


Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers For Far Eastern New Century Corp In Taiwan

Company: Far Eastern New Century Corporation

Company Overview:
Far Eastern Textile Ltd. (FETL), established in 1954, holds true to its tradition of “Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift and Prudence.” Corporate expansion led it to set up gradually stand-alone spinning, weaving, dyeing, and apparel factories. Year1965 marked the complete integration of the upstream, midstream and downstream processes into one vertically-integrated production chain.

Tun Hwa South Road,Sec.2, Taipei City, Taiwan

Textile, fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing

-Male, 20yrs old and above
-At least High School Graduate
-5'7 above in height
-Normal body built
-No lefthanded
-Accept with tattoo but in covered area
-With or without work experience
-For first timer only

Email your resume to: or to

Where to apply?
Agency: STB-DJL Human Link Inc.
POEA License: 10197058
Manila Branch:
Visit agency office and apply personally at STB-DJL Human Link Inc at Remedios St cor Modesto St., Malate, Manila
Tel. no. 521-4875

Batangas Branch:
D3005 Sarmiento Road, Danglayan Poblacion San Pascual, Batangas City
Tel. no. 03-7272387
Mobile: 09177207471

Cebu Branch:
Room 207 LDM Bldg., MJ Cuenco St. Cebu City
Tel. 032-2542650
Mobile: 09175207449

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Pinoy Refresher is not an Agency nor an Agent. We are not accepting online applications and referrals. All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. The owner will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.

Hiring: Production Operators For WUS Printed Circuit Co Ltd. In Taiwan

Company: Wus Printed Circuit Corporation Ltd

Company Overview:
Established in 1972 by the name of WUS (Wu-Shi), the predecessor of WUS Printed Circuit Co., Ltd., the progress of the company’s products and their applications was significantly linked and fueled by the economic growth of Taiwan in the electronics arena. 

Kaifa Road, Nanzi District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Multilayer printed circuit board, PCB Assembly, Carrier tape for TAB, LCD Driver, BGA Substrate

-Male ans Female, 22 years old and above
-4 yrs / 2 yrs college graduate
-Height 155cm above for female and 165cm above for male
-Weight proportional to height
-With work experience  
-Not colorblind, no tattoo, not lefthanded
-For first timer

How to apply?
Visit and apply personally at Alpha Manpowerlink agency at 582-D Epifanio Delos Santos Ave., Brgy 159 Zone 17, Pasay City, Manila.


Over Drinking Of Alcohol May Lead To Rape, Sexual Abuse And Assault

Some OFW in Taiwan have sometimes loose control of their self specially those drinking all night and get wasted. MECO officer/s always reminds OFW to behave properly while woking in Taiwan. Inject discipline and behavior while away from home and family. 

From Facebook posts of Ms. Gina Lin of MECO:

'Reminder sa mga babaeng sumasabak sa inuman...Sa Taiwan, maraming babaeng nakaka experience ng rape, sexual assault and other abuses dala ng sobrang lasing at humilata sa gitna ng daan o pampublikong lugar...Be responsible at mahalin ang inyong sarili, wag nyong ilagay ang sarili nyo sa disgrasya o kahihiyan, drink moderately and if you can't control yourself, don't get drunk without any companions who can help you get home.'


Five things To Remember About Life In Taiwan

Taiwan has become one of the favorable destinations of OFWs in Asia. With its strong economy of semiconductor, electronics and food manufacturing employers trust the Filipino skill to do the jobs. For Filipinos looking to work in Taiwan, below are some reminders

1. Ready to meet people from different cultures

There are about 700,000 foreign workers in Taiwan from domestic to factory jobs to professional jobs. Foreign workers also cam from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei and other western countries. Be ready to meet bunch of them

2. Taiwan has four seasons

Have your dress packed up properly for four different seasons in Taiwan. Yes, this small country of Taiwan has Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (snow in some place). Be ready ready to adjust in all seasons.

3. Language barrier

Chinese / mandarin is their official language and even English barely come second. Not all of Taiwanese (and foreign workers) can speak English. Much better lo learn at least basic chinese and mandarin language.

4. Strict rules and regulations

Law of Taiwan are strictly implemented from as simple as pedestrian crossing. Police are not everywhere but there are lots of cameras specially in the cities. They practice this even with locals.

5. High-technology workplace

Taiwan has many companies specializing in memory chips / integrated circuits. Expect a high end workplace where artificial intelligence is booming. Taiwan also has a fast and reliable internet connection.



Mga maling haka-haka sa Social Media hinggil sa pagpapakamatay ng isang OFW sa Taiwan, kinokondena!

Matatandaan noong nakaraang Nov. 22, 2018 ay natagpuang nagpakamatay ang isang OFW sa Taiwan na si Cherry May Donato. Ang kanyang pagkamatay ay hindi pa malinaw sa mga kamag-anak at kaibigan kung bakit kinitil nito ang sariling buhay.

Maraming naglabas espekulasyon at balita sa social media na maari daw stress o problema sa pamilya. Pero ngayon naglabas ng hinanakit ang kanyang malapit na kaibigan. Ayon sa kanya si Cherry May isang family oriented, masayahin at mapagmahal sa pamilya, kaya paki-usap nila na huwag na gumawa ng kung anu-anong kwento ukol dito. bagkus ipadasal nalang ang namatay at ang kanyang mga naiwang pamilya.

Courtesy of Janet Hilomen

"Hindi po yan ang dahilan kung bakit po nawala ang kaibigan namin sa mundong ibabaw.
Cherry May is a Family Oriented, cherry may have a happy, nice and Loving Family
She have a nice, cool and loving parents. She have a sweet pretty sister and also have a lil brother who is always there for her and very supportive brother.
You will never heard cherry may having a problem with her Family. And Yes thats true! 
Instead of kung ano ano po sinasabi natin na maling balita makiramay nlng po tayong lahat
Sa nangyare sa kaibigan namin sa Pamilya nya. Dahil kng tayo po lahat nahihinayangan sa kay cherry may. Mas doble po ang sakit at bigat na nararamdaman ng pamilya nya ngaun. 
Irespeto nlng po natin at makiramay po tayo sa Donato Family at ipag pray nlng po natin si cherry may. Dahil ni isa po sa atin lahat wala pong may alam ng tunay na nangyare sa knya. 
Please po makiramay nlng po tayo sa pamilya nya at respeto nlng po sa pamilya ni cherry."

Muli kami  dito sa Pinoy Refresher taos pusong nakikiramay sa mga naiwang Kaibigan at Pamilya ng namayapang si Cherry May Donato.


ROTC In College To Be Mandatory Once Approved  

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) will be mandatory in higher education once approved which was reinsated by lawmakers backed by a good support from President Rodrigo Duterte. The lawmakers urge the House leadership for rush approval.

China's militarization at the West Philippine Sea is one of the justification to return the ROTC. There are about 12 bills and resolutions that seeks the return of ROTC.

President Duterte previously reiterated and suggest that ROTC should be part of the senior high school corriculum. 

ROTC students are part and always be a volunteer in rehabilitation efforts in form of calamities, disasters and national emergencies. ROTC in college will replace NSTP with the same community service in it.


Foreign Workers In Taiwan May Soon Send Remittance Thru Convinience Stores

Taiwan government already start experimenting the use of convience stores to send remittance of foreign workers in their countries. This is to have more convinience to migrants to send their earnings thru convinince stores, according to Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).

Most migrant workers are using Western Union Quick cach to send remittances, however the strict rule on money laundering and rise of the security of the country may change it, as per FSC chairman. The exoeriment act is more know as Financial Regulatory Sandbox.

This aims to have a lower risk of remittances for the migrant workers. Sending money thru convinince store will be a great alternative.

There will be three criteria to determine a good test of the new sandbox, first, it is limited to foreign workers only. Second, remittances must be refular and the foreign worker must have clear identity. Thirs is the right condition of labor of the country.


Hiring: Factory Workers For Chuen Hsing Feeds In Taiwan

Company: Chuen Hsing Feeds
Company Location: Pingtung, Taiwan
Position: Factory Worker
Salary: NT22,000 (Php38,000) + OT

-Male, 20-35 yrs old 
-At least High School Graduate or College level
-Height 160cm and above
-Weight proportional to height
-With packaging or machine operation working experience

2. PSA Birth Certificate
3. Passport

Melakom Global Services

Agency address:
1. 1662 Goodwill Bldg., Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila
2. 3Flr LDM Bldg., MJ Cuenco Ave., cor Legaspi St., Cebu City, Cebu


Hiring: Male And Female Factory Workers For Electronics Company In Taiwan

Position: Factory Workers
Industry: Electronics

Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Salary: NT22,000 (Php38,000) + OT

-Male and Female
-21 to 27yrs old
-at least vocational graduate
-5'2 and up height for female
-5'5 and up height for male
-weight proportional to height
-working experience is an advantage
-Not nearsighted, no tattoo, not colorblind
-for first timers only

Visit and apply personally at City Employment Center

Address: Unit 702 7th Flr, 1011 General Malvar Street cor San Marcelino, Malate, Manila

Bring the following:
2. Passport (more than 3yrs validity)
3. PSA Birth Certificate (No late registered)
4. School Diploma


Taiwan Hiring: Male Factory Workers for Excelsior Technology Inc

Company: Excelsior Technology Inc

Company Overview:
Excelsior Technology Inc (ETI) was established on June 1, 2000, to be a professional advanced parts cleaning, parts surface treatment, and parts assembly service company. Combined with our progressive cleaning technology, advanced cleaning equipment, and high-tech industrial equipment maintenance, we provide long-lasting parts and equipment. As a result, the production cost is reduced and the production yield is maximized.

Position: Male Factory Workers
Location: Hsinchu Taiwan

-20 and above
-College Graduate (2 or 4 yrs course)
-The course is Electronics related in EE, ME, ECE
-minimum of 1-year experience
- height must be 170cm and above
- with UMID
-No Tattoos

How to apply? visit personally:
Agency: First Champion & International Entertainment, Inc.
Address: JS Contractor Building, 5th floor, 423 Magallanes St, Intramuros, Manila
Tel. 301-0108/ 536-43227/ 536-4362

Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Electronics Company

Position: Factory Workers
Job location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Company: Electronics Company

Any Gender
Must be High School Graduate
With a minimum of 1-year experience in Electronics and Semicon Company (with soldering experience is a plus)
For Female- height must be 155cm and above
For Male - height must be 165cm and above
First timer are welcome
Ex-Taiwan are welcome but not more than 6 years in Taiwan
With 3 years of passport validity 2022+
No Late register PSA (20 years and above)
No Tattoo

Interested applicants, please report personally to :


Address: 5th floor, JS Contractor Bldg., 423 Magallanes St., Intramuros Manila, Philippines

Tel No.: (632) 5218766 / 301.0108 / 3382606
 Telefax: (632) 301.0110

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