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Why Do Employers Use Recruitment Agencies?

Recruiting a lot of people to work in a company takes a big amount of time. For many employers it is a real struggle to find enough time to do it properly. Recruitment is also very much a numbers game: an employer often has to look at different job applications before it finds the right person/s for every role. Looks easy, but its easy said than done.

Recruitment agencies fill a specific need, from recruitment of this area going to the other areas of the company. Employers need the right people to continue the success if each businesses. 

Often they don’t have the time to find the people they need themselves and that is why they use recruitment agencies to do this to the recruitment for them.

Recruitment agencies find the people so that the employer can spend more of their time interviewing applicants. Agencies are a major part of recruiting fir jobs applications in Taiwan. All jobs offered in Taiwan are under recruitment agencies tied up with brokers.


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