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Common Things Inside A Balikbayan Box


As an OFW, we have the habit of sending our loved ones the things they need. Aside from providing the things they need, every OFW also provides the things that makes someone happy. Listed below are the common things that an OFW is sending to his/her family.

1. Chocolates / Candies
Every Filipino has that sweet tooth, listed on top of the lists are chocolates. This is very traditional on every OFW.

2. Shoes
A familiar view of the balikbayan boxes when seeing some shoes inside it. An OFW's child will always love this stuff.

3. Canned Goods
Having some imported canned goods inside you food cabinet makes you feel secure that no family member will never get hungry.

4. Perfumes
Regardless with the signature, one perfume per family members makes smile to their face and personality.

5. Soaps / Detergents / Shampoo
Those extra large detergentss, shampoos which lasts for long time to use at home. Also, some premium soaps are included.

6. Apparels
Tshirts or souvenir shirts are also in. Other apparels are shorts, pants, bags which are made from the country they are from.

7. Grocery Items
Different kinds of grocery items from coffee, creamers, powder chocolates to cookies, biscuits and those large imported potato snacks.

8. Toys
From car toys to stuff toys, an OFW always love to see their childer happy.

9. Tools  
For every father this would be their toys, dont forget to add some.  

10. Gadgets
Of course, modern day are techies. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles are in, make sure to wrap them properly.

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  1. Yeah. I often found these stuff on our balikbayan boxes. For rates check this blog out.


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