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School Diplomas To Classify As Public Document To Punish Who Falsify Its Content

Diploma or the Graduation Certificate is considered as private document given by a certain school. However, due to the rampant falsification of this kind of documents, legal experts say it should be considered as a public document.

Falsifying a document is a type of crime that involves altering, changing, or modifying a document.

The most common falsified documents are birth certificate, marriage certificate, licenses, immigration documents and diplomas. Private documents that are notarized are now considered as public document.

A falsified "Public Document" will go under the Revised Penal Code of Philippine government. Anyone caught falsifying a public document will have a penalty from Php5,000 up to Php1 Million up and imprisonment, as those documents involve the credibility of the entire constitution.

Other employer and agencies are requiring to have their diploma and transcript of records to be red ribboned. Red Ribbon of documents is checking the legalization of your document through Department Of Foreign Affairs.


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  1. Yung diploma ko peke ginawa ko yun para maqualified sa trabaho pero nagagawa ko naman ng maayos ang trabaho kahit na sa meron totoong mga diploma.. ano kayang kaparusahan pag nalaman ng company na pinapasukan ko?


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