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Hiring: Factory Workers for Yon Yu Plastics Co., Ltd. Taiwan

Company: Yon Yu Plastics Co., Ltd.

In 1964, Yongyu began to dye plastic materials.
To provide customers with reliable plastic containers that keep pace with the times, Yongyu provides customers with the complete services. Since the customer's most original concepts and requirements for products have been put forward, Hongyu's professionals have gone from product design to mold design and development. , Computer-aided material color formula design, masterbatch drawing, product manufacturing and printing, bronzing, labeling, electroplating, painting, automatic assembly of packaging materials and other post-processing processes, all through the latest hardware and software to provide customers with quality With the perfect service required, in 2010 Yoshihiro joined the formulation development and product filling service of cosmetics and skin care products, and completed the most important part of product service in the environment certified by the Japanese National Pharmaceutical Department.
Yongyu has been able to ride Mercedes-Benz for 50 years and continues to grow steadily. All rely on the support of customers. All Yongyu people always work with gratitude and continue to work hard and strive to do their job well.


Location: 717 Shengli Road, Rende District, Tainan City

Male and Female
20-28 years old (ONLY)
170 cm above:70 kilos below for male
157cm above; 60 kilos below for female
2yrs /4yrs College graduate (not Nursing course)
With related factory working experience
Can speak and understand English
First time to go and work in Abroad
Willing to work overtime
Good in mathematics

Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation
Address:   14tH flr (LEFT WING) De Leon center, M. H. Del Pilar St, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines


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