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Hiring: Machinist for SDI Corporation Taiwan

Company: SDI Corporation

Company Overview:
Realizing that growth towards internationalization was developing quickly, SDI took steps to cooperate with internationally renowned manufacturers in 1988 to set up affiliated companies. Additional capital was also spent to improve marketing and manufacturing processes. All of which have improved and strengthened SDI's ability to compete in the worldwide market successfully. Looking to the future SDI will continue to strive to become an international enterprise and make "SDI" a global brand.


Tai260, Sec. 2 Chang Nan Road, Chang Hua, Taiwan

Lead Frames、LED Lead Frames、Stationery and Office Products、High Precision Dies

-Male Only
-At least High School Graduate
-Minimum of 1-year experience
-A graduate of any Technical School in the course of Mechanical Technology or Machinist will be interview even without experience
- Ex-Taiwan are welcome but with 1 contract only in previous
- Must have SSS UMid and Passport ready

How to apply?
Visit Luzern Int'L Manpower Services Corp. At Unit 3, Town Homes, 1695 F.Benitez St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines. Bring necessary documents.


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