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Hiring Factory Workers for ROC-Keeper Industrial Ltd.

Company: ROC-Keeper Industrial Ltd.
Product Overview: 
Engine Oil Seals
All the oil seals designed and manufactured to fit high-performance engine operation. We use FKM (Viton) and ACM (Polyacry) rubber for different portions and applications. We accept any new specification and can be tailor-made to fit your application.

Transmission/ Differential Axle/ Hub/ Off-highway Seals
We designed and manufactured pinion oil seals, axle shaft seal, hub seals for the heavy, medium and light duty applications. Depending on application and customer's requisition, different rubber materials, NBR, ACM, FKM, Silicon and configuration of oil sealing lips are used and designed to fit your job.

Location:  9, Rong Kung N. Road, Kwang Ying, Taoyuan 328, Taiwan

Any Gender
21 yrs old and above
Any Educational Attainment
with or without experience

Agency: MIP International Manpower Services

Address: MIP Building, 28 GSIS Avenue GSIS Village, Project 8, Quezon City, 1116 Metro Manila, Philippines


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