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Hiring Male Factory Worker for ShinBright Optronics Corp.


Company Overview: 
The company introduced optical film precision coating production equipment to produce various optical films such as antireflection films, anti-glare films, oil-repellent films, reflective films, and protective films for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Position: Male Factory Workers
Location: 58, Keyan Rd., Chunan Chen, Miaoli, 35053, Taiwan

20 yrs old and above
Bachelor or College Degree/ 2yrs College
Minimum of 1 yr experience
With experience Maintaining Machine or Equipment
At least 165cm and above of Height
Weight 60-70kg
No Tattoos
Ex- Taiwan only

How to apply?
Agency: First Champion & International Entertainment, Inc. 

Address: 5th floor, JS Contractor Bldg., 423 Magallanes St., Intramuros 1002, Manila


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