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Teenage Arab National is longing for his Filipina Nanny

The  video of a Teenage guy who is an Arab national went viral wherein he is looking for his former nanny whom he considered as a mother, according  to him, he was an orphaned and in the orphanige a Pinay OFW took care of him for a long time. He even know how to speak Tagalog. You can see in his eyes and the way he acts seem like he is Filipino National. And according to him, he did not anymore see his “Nanay” after he was being transferred to another orphanage. Now he is asking if someone knew “Amy” whom he considered as his true mom. His Nanay amy is from Cebu according to him.

Hope someone could help to find his “Nanay Amy”.

JUr Walastik Clavel

Gandang umaga poh Kabayan.. Gusto ko lang poh tulungan tong Saudi nA to gusto nya kasi makita or makasama uli Yong dating nag aalaga sa Kanya nA isang pinay sa bahay ampunan simla maliit pa xah pure...

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