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Hiring Factory Workers for Recom

Company: Recom-Power
Over the past 20 years, it has become common practice to purchase DC/DC converters as a finished module. This applies to all segments of the electronics industry, including industrial automation, transportation engineering, telecommunications, data technology, measurement technology, and medical electronics. Even for very large production runs, it’s rarely worthwhile for a company to develop their own DC/DC converter, particularly in view of the stringent international standards that apply nowadays. At RECOM, when it comes to power conversion, we’ve always been very attentive to our customers’ needs and wishes, and have invested millions over the past decade in product development, growing our quality assurance lab, and expanding the scope of our worldwide distribution activities.This means we’re close to our customers’ production facilities around the globe, offering the most reliable products available on today’s market ... with top-notch support – and, of course, competitive prices.

Position: Female Factory Worker
Location: Kaoshuing Taiwan

Age 20-35 years old
Height must be 150cm and above
Must be High School Graduate
With experience in Electronics,
Familiar with SMT, Soldering and Visual Inspection

Interested Applicants may report to:

Address: JS Contractor Bldg 423 Magallanes St., Intramuros, Manila Metro Manila

Top Fastest wireless Internet Provider in Taiwan

All of us are users of Internet and we wonder what service provider is best for us.
and Now I want to present to you the result of Fastest Mobile Network in Taiwan from the third and fourth quarter of 2017.


1. Far East Tone (IF) -  speed score of  41.16
2. Taiwan Mobile (OK) - speed score of  35.35
3. Chunghwa Telecom (Chunghwa) - speed of 31.74
4. Taiwan Star Telecom (Vibo) - speed score of 22.16
4. GT (4GT) - speed score of 22.16

However, Taiwan Star Telecom (Vibo) users as of 2018 complaint about the broken links. The network restrict the users from opening such blog links or other websites. (404 Error) messages.


Absconding a work can lead to prison

A lot of OFW Caregivers and Caretakers are tempted to leave their job for various reasons.
Don’t you know that you can be put in prison for absconding? The Employer may have the right to sue you in court.

I mention this topic because a lot of OFW are planning to transfer to a new job leaving their present job. Recently An Indonesian Caregiver in Taiwan was sentenced to 6 months in jail and facing deportation after she left an elderly alone. She absconded an elderly suffering from strokes without giving notice to her employer.

A lesson we’ve learned here is being responsible for our work. If you cannot bear anymore to your work then leave your work in a nice way because you have accepted and hired in a nice way also.


Super Typhoon Maria may dangerously hit Northern Taiwan

The Super Typhoon Maria is expected to intensify to Category 5 and will enter into Philippine area of responsiblity in between July 9-10 (Monday -Tuesday) and will head across the northern part of Taiwan going to China.

Super Typhoon Maria will enhance the south west monsoon that could bring heavy rains. As of now Typhoon Maria has maximum sustained winds of 185 km/hr and gustiness upto 255 km/hr. Moving direction of Northwest at 15 km/hr.

Super Typhoon Maria is expected to enter at Taiwan area of Responsibility on July 10-11 (Tueday-Wednesday). Destructive winds and heavy rains are expected.


How to claim “Laobao” Maternity benefits at Taiwan Labor Insurance?

Are you a member of Taiwan Labor Insurance and having a baby then had given birth in the Philippines or in Taiwan? Well, do you know you can avail the maternity benefits or they call “ Laobao” even if you are in the Philippines and had resigned from work.

What are the requirements in claiming the maternity benefits?
  1. Must be insured or worked 10 months above in Taiwan
  2. Get pregnant during an insured period
  3. Filed within five (5) years from the day on which the benefits became payable
  4. If born in Taiwan, the original birth certificate must be submitted
  5. If born in the Philippines, NSO birth certificate of the child. Must be authenticated by DFA and translated in Chinese by Taiwan Economic Cultural Office (TECO) Manila.
  6. Copy of Passport, ARC and Bank book ( if applicable with chop/stamp or Inchang) then include bank swift code.
All documents will undergo verification and approval at Taiwan Bureau of Labor Insurance.

For more information, you may visit TECO Manila or any MECO branches in Taiwan.

Hiring: Factory Worker for Yonyo Plastic Corp.

Company Overview:
Since 1964, YONYU Plastics Co., Ltd. has been active in the packaging industry. YONYU Plastics provides customers with a complete range of solutions. YONYU Plastics develop from a local, medium sized OEM factory into one of Asia's leading ODM plastic container manufacturers. 

Company Location:
No.191, Min Sheng Rd., Sec.2, Tainan City, Taiwan

Household cleaning supplies, Personal Cleaning Supplies, Cosmetic package material, Drug packaging material, Green packaging materials, Girdle wiring, Extrusion product mold, Dispensing pump and sprayer

-20 to 28 years old 
-Single only
-157cm above; 60 kilos below
-2yrs or 4yrs College graduate (not Nursing)
-With related factory working experience
-Can speak and understand English
-First time to go and work in Taiwan
-Willing to work overtime

How to apply?
Visit and apply personally at Japan Maruko International Corporation at 14th flr De Leon Center Building, MH Del Pilar Street, corner Nuestra Senora De Guia, Ermita, Manila. 

For requirements, visit this link

Hiring: Factory Worker for Maxchip Electronic Corp.

Company: Maxchip Electronics Corp.

Overview:Maxchip is a dedicated foundry service provider with 8-inch fab which was spun off from Powerchip factory since April 2008.

Position: Factory Worker
Location:No. 18, Li-Hsin Rd. 1, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu. Taiwan

-Vocational, 2yrs or 4yrs course graduate in College
-165cm above in height (Height must be accurate in Weight)
-70kg below in weight (Weight must be accurate in Height)
-With or without work experience may apply. (with semi-con experience is advantage)





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