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Top Fastest wireless Internet Provider in Taiwan

All of us are users of Internet and we wonder what service provider is best for us.
and Now I want to present to you the result of Fastest Mobile Network in Taiwan from the third and fourth quarter of 2017.


1. Far East Tone (IF) -  speed score of  41.16
2. Taiwan Mobile (OK) - speed score of  35.35
3. Chunghwa Telecom (Chunghwa) - speed of 31.74
4. Taiwan Star Telecom (Vibo) - speed score of 22.16
4. GT (4GT) - speed score of 22.16

However, Taiwan Star Telecom (Vibo) users as of 2018 complaint about the broken links. The network restrict the users from opening such blog links or other websites. (404 Error) messages.


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