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“New Economic Immigration Law” pushes for permanent residency of Migrant Workers in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan- The National Development Council (NDS) has drafted a new law for foreign migrant workers. The new draft bill is titled as “New Economic Immigration Law.”

The new bill is drafted to answer the shortage of Skilled Workers  and aging population of Taiwan. The target of this drafted bill are the Foreign Professionals, Mid-level Foreign Specialist, and Taiwan Expats and its family.

The bill will undergo 60 days of Public Scrutiny and if this bill will approved, the eligible foreign workers under the systems will be able to obtain permanent residency if they worked in Taiwan for an average of 183 days during 3 consecutive years.

3 Types of Eligible workers
  1. Senior Ranking Foreign Workers
  2. Blue Collars who have worked for more than 6 years
  3. Workers with Intermediate level of technical ability

But the most priority are the first two types of workers.

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