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Fly A Sky Lantern at Shifen Old Street

Shifen Old Street located in the Pingxi area is a small valley around mountain side. Old railroad is still functional and working, originally used for transporting coal during the Japanese era.

Visitors can have busy day in the area as anyone can fly a Sky Lantern with your calligraphy and wishes written into it. There were food stalls and souvenir shops surrounding the old railroad track. Visitors can freely cross the track but always beware when the is coming.

Price of lanterns vary from their colors:

1.      1 Color – NT150 (Php260)

2.      4 Colors – NT200 (Php345)

3.      8 Colors – NT250 (Php430)

Every colors has a meaning depends on what wish you will write. Red is love, white is calm, blue is peace and so on. Store assistants can help you have your photograph or video while releasing a lantern. Do not forget to try the bestseller stuffed wings.


How to go there?

From Taipei Main Station, take a northbound train and get off to Ruifang Station. At Ruifang Station, transfer at Platform 4 Pingxi Train Line and get off at Shifen Station. You may buy one way ticket, easycards are also accepted.


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