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OFWs' in Taiwan with HIV and AIDS rapidly increase?

HIV and AIDS case double this year? OFW case Taiwan raises to 3,300 had been infected. An alarming data of HIV and AIDS cases are rapidly increasing this year, and now it doubled compared from the previous year. the big ratio from this is coming from sexual contact, then some inherited from their parents with HIV or AIDS, and some was through needle injections .

 What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks our primary immune system. And now if the immune system is destroyed, we will be vulnerable to all kinds of diseases.  AIDS ( Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) it is a severe malfunction of the immune system, if the immune system is totally damage, then we are vulnerable to all kinds of diseases.

Are HIV / AID curable?
No, but there is an Antiretroviral therapy. HIV medicines use to treat HIV infection. patients with HIV and AIDS, take a combination of HIV medicine (called an HIV regimen). ART can't cure HIV, but HIV medicine helps people with HIV live longer.

Having a multi-partner or having sexual contact with many is prone to HIV and AIDS. You do not know who and how many he or she had been sex with from the past. The symptoms of the HIV or AIDS cannot be seen an early stage, it will come out  later on. Now in order to lessen this increasing case of HIV and AIDS, so we must be so extra careful whom we sex with, or it is much better if we must stick with our only partner, try ourselves to be contented with our partners. And if we are away from our partners, we should try to mortify ourselves,  and practice the abstinence. In this way, we can protect ourselves and our family from HIV and AIDS.

Can we interact with HIV and AIDS patients? 
Definitely yes, we can talk to them closely, we can eat with them. This disease is not transferable through saliva, so not to worry. Try not to ignore them  because, in their situation, they need the love, care, and understanding from their family and friends.

Unprotected sexual contact with a person with HIV and AIDS is very risky and will change your world permanently. A minute of sexual pleasure which you will regret for the rest of your life. It is not late for us who are free from HIV and AIDS, we can stop and lessen the virus through mortification, abstinence, and using a protective method in having sex.
So try to share and educate our others.



  1. I'm Filipino and I was diagnosed last 2016 that I have hiv but im now undetectable in 2 years with the help for ARV?For my question is Are we allowed to work in Taiwan as Ofw?

    1. How it became undetectable?is it because of the arv?


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