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Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Canon Inc.

Company: Canon Incorporated

Company Overview:
Canon introduces manufacturing specialize in high end cameras and provides clients in Taiwan with means to produce high-tech products, supplies all-around services, and promotes productivity.

Taichung, Taiwan and Dapumei Precision Machinery Park, Dapumei, Chiayi County, Taiwan

High end Digital Single Lends Reflex or DSLR (EOS-600D series and EOS-1100D series)

-Male and Female
- 20 yrs old and above
- height for male 165cm and above with weight 80kg below
-height for female 155cm and above with weight 60kg below
-Atleast College level
-With or without experience
- Ex-Taiwan are welcome

How to apply?
Please visit MIP International Manpower Services
Address: #28 MIP Bldg. GSIS Ave., GSIS Village, Proj. 8, Quezon City

Apply online here!!!



  1. How can i apply at canon factory

  2. Will i still qualified to apply i am 34 years old

  3. Good day just wanna ask i am ex- taiwan and 36 yrs old do i have a chance thanks

  4. Why so very strict when it comes to the height limit?

  5. Good day,
    Im already here in Taiwan.Can i apply in canon directly? My company right now is about to close due to difficulties of financial.The company filed bankruptcy.I dont want to go home because i really need work.Please let me know, thank you.

  6. cellphone technician po an cam repiar pwd po ba ako interested po ako

  7. Hi, sir/mam, how can I apply I'm currently working here in Taiwan as a caretaker? Aim I qualified here? Thank you

  8. college grad n nmn ulit panu mga HS lng po

  9. Ok sana pero sabi nila ayaw daw ng mip sa mga galing ng htc lalo sa mga break contact 😣

  10. higpit naman sa height. di paba pwede yung 153cm lang


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