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Taiwan Migrant Workers Leaves and Benefits

Types of Employees Leave
1. Vacation Leave
-The employee is entitled to take vacation leave for not more than 14 days in a year with pay.

2. Special leave
- As of promulgation of Ministry of Labor and Implementation as of July 1, 2017, if the employee is working six (6) months and above then the employee is entitled to 24 hours to leave with pay.

3. Sick leave
- Any employee is entitled in this leave. The accumulation should not exceed 30 days in a year. Payment will be 50% of your basic salary.

4. Personal leave
-Employees are entitled to take Personal leave for not more than 14 days in a year without pay.

5. Marriage leave
-An employee is entitled to 8 days to leave with pay.

6. Maternity leave
- According to Article 50 of the Labor Standard Act. a pregnant employee can take maternity leave before and after the birth for a combination of 8 weeks.
How does the maternity payment compute?
-If an employee is employed for more than six months before her pregnancy then the compensation will full basic salary.
-If an employee is employed six months and below then the compensation will only be half of her basic salary.

7. Hospital leave (with the medical condition)
A. Non-Hospitalized- the leave should not exceed 30 days in a year.
B. Hospitalized- the leave should not exceed one year in two years.
The total combination of Hospital leave should not exceed one year in 2 years.

Seeking an emergency leave is upon the company's jurisdiction if how many days are allowed.


  1. How many days is allowed to use for marriage leave?

  2. this may is my third year in my company. i decided not to extend my contract. will the company pay for my vacation leave not being use this year?

  3. Please verify specially no. 1 and 2
    Plus how about if somebody in the family passed away.


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