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Tips For Pinoys To Avoid Being Offloaded When Travelling To Taiwan

Taiwan is Visa-Free until July 31, 2019 and Filipinos have the privilege to enter the country without a visa. Philippine immigration officers are very strict that can cause your plan go for naught. Below are some tips for you not be offloaded by immigration officers in the Philippines

1.      Passport must still have 6 months validity

Immigration are strict in terms of passport validity, yes, you are only staying for a week but less than 6 months of validity is a sure offload.

2.      Have you flight ticket (with return ticket).

They make sure that you return to your country of origin with the flight return ticket

3.      Ready your paid Hotel Booking voucher

Having a hotel accommodation is a sure plus for you not to be offloaded, airbnb or transient homes will do as long as you have voucher to show up.

4.      Prepare company ID and Certificate of Employment

They make sure that you will apply for a job without a record from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

5.      Bring proof of your financial capacity

This could be in cash, debit card or credit card, sometimes they will ask for a bank certificate of your savings for proof.

6.      Invitation letter / Sponsor letter

This is only applicable if someone has invited you or sponsored your trip, this letter must be authenticated from MECO.

7.      Relax and Dress smart

Be yourself and be confident. Dress properly with your jeans, shirt and pair of clean shoes, just have your OOTD when youve landed.

8.      Answer only on what the officer is asking

Do not tell any drama to the officer, mostly questions are answerable by a yes or a no or a 5 word phrase.

Former OFW in Taiwan have the biggest number that have been offloaded due to lack of documents and accused to find work in Taiwan without work order. 



  1. I'll be travelling first time abroad next year to Taiwan, I'm worried that me and my companion will get offloaded because we're both first timers (except she already travelled a lot locally). I also am a freelancer but have a stable job and income. I don't have an ITR because next year palang ako magreregister sa BIR, would be okay to bring the COR and payslip from the company?

  2. for bookings and assistance message me...


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