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Bike Your Stress Out At Old Caoling Tunnel

Coaling tunnel was built in 1924 during the Japanese era, the tunnel connecting Fulong of New Taipei and of Shicheng of Yilan. It is said that tunnel is the most dangerous railroad in that era. It is now the biking paradise of northern Taiwan.

It takes about 10minutes ride from the train station up to the entrance of the tunnel. The tunnel has a stretch of 2,167 meter, the Fulong entrance will greet you with a artistic calligraphy above the arch.

The bikeway will lead you to Magang Fishing Valleywhich is the north easternmost point of the Taiwan Island. Greeting with you are the sea views and the turtle island from the distance. Cyclists may enjoy the simple and quite scenery in the village.

The tunnel is cool during summer and warm during winter.


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