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English Language to be set as a second language by next year in Taiwan?

Taipei, Taiwan - The English language is set to be as a Second Official Language in Taiwan by next year August 2019.As per Premier William Lai.
The Ministry of Education announced last week that they will ratify the rules to increase the numbers of hours of English classes.
The current situation, the English subject is not taught in School until Grade 3.

With this plan of making English as their second official language, it is estimated that they will be needing new 4,600 Foreign English Teachers, according to Acting Director-General Hsu Li-Chuan of Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile, We from Pinoy Refresher asked some Taiwanese if what can they say about this plan, most of them (Ages 35 and up) seem not in favor because according to them they are Chinese by blood or by tradition and so no need to change or add languages. But for Taiwanese Millenials, they are in favor of this plan because according to them, this will give big positive impact on their future.

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