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Illegal Relationship in Taiwan is Prohibited

The Taiwan government have once again reminded all foreign worker who is engaged in illegal relationships like engaging with married workers.  The government had warned the foreigner for increasing data of illegal relationships.

Here is the message from the Government of Taiwan.

" All foreign colleagues during work in Taiwan shall not associate and have sexual intercourse with the  married persons ( Foreigners or Taiwanese) and the juveniles(Taiwanese), so as not to commit the Offenses Against Marriage and Family, in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Republic of China. Once the person involved is prosecuted (by the spouse or parents of the other party) and convicted of this offense, the person involved will be  sentenced to the serious imprisonment for not more than 10 years. Then the colleagues will not only be required to serve their sentences in Taiwan, and will be deported after serving the sentence, but will be unable to receive a clearance certificate, for committing the Criminal Code of the Republic of China; further affecting the opportunity to work abroad in the future. The impact is also lifelong, and the colleagues must be very careful to refrain yourselves from such mistake."

A Thousand families had been destroyed, thousand of the colleagues are engaged in a relationship. Think and remember your vows  to your family and partner before doing so.



  1. how if both side is not totally married?
    and before entering the relationship his/her partner is already separated?
    why his ex is affected on it?thier argument is about thier son only nothing more about it.

    1. Lapit ka daw kay tulfo����

  2. Useless ordinance.Taiwan citizens rather Chinese would hardly implement this because they too are into infedelity.Not unless the punishment is like Saudi Arabia's, this won't work��

  3. Dapat lang yan, trabaho hanap hindi landi.


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