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iTrash In Taipei Rewards Reloadable Cash For Trash

Taipei City government is now experimenting the self-service collection system in exchange of reimbursement called Itrash Smart City. The device is calculating the weight of the dumped waste or garbage in the sink that prevents the odor and just tap the easycard for reimbursement.

Every five hundred grams of waste is gives you NT$4 (Php7), anyone can recycle 10 plastic bottles or eight aluminum cans that will give you NT$1 (Php1.75). All transactions are done with the use of the country’s Easycard, Icash or other similar reloadable cash cards.

You can found this device in a community in Linyi Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. The system is operating 24hours a day and will possibly expand by next year.

This is part of the environmental conservation program of the country. In the past years, Taiwan also ban the use of plastic bags on different markets and store.


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