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King Yuan Electronics To Takeover Dawning Leading Technology

To achieve synergy by a whale-minnow merger of King Yuan Electronics Co. Ltd and Dawning Leading Technology Co. Ltd., KYEC acquired the ailing DL-Tek.

NTD456 million (Php798million) is the amount to spend to buy out the the remaining shares of DL-Tek as it shares are dipped down. KYEC already have the 33.5% share before buying out the whole remaining stocks. The deal is to formalize by November 1, 2018.

KYEC is confident that it has the right resources to turnaround DL-Tek that has been struggling with a shortage of NAND flash wafers, which has led to declining sales. DL-Tek specializes in assembly of memory cards will compliment the IC testing powers of KYEC.

Following the merger, DL-Tek contributes about NTD200-300Million per month in terms of revenue and boost annual sales by 15%.

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