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Restaurant In Taipei Sells Beef Noodle Soup Worth NTD10,000

NTD10,000 = Php17,500

Well, that is the price of a beef noodle soup in Taipei, Taiwan. The restaurant name is Niu Ba Ba (Daddy Cow), it is a small 20seat restaurant. Chef Wang Cong-yuan has spent the past 26 years of his life researching and perfecting the noodle soup.

'From the age of fourty, I have focused on making a good bowl of beef noodles. It's quality over quantity. My ultimate goal is to make the world's best beef noodle shop' according to Chef Wang.

In case you do not have that enough budget for the presidential beef noodle soup, you can get the NTD200 (Php 330) 'ordinary beef noodles'.


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