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Significant Information About The Medical Examination For Abroad

All aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers must undergo Medical Examinations for their employment abroad. Medical Examination is indeed a requirement when an applicant is selected to work abroad. Below are the significant information about the medical examination for abroad.
1.  The right time to take the medical exam
Once you were selected to work abroad by the employer, your agency will immediately contact you for a medical exam. It is either before or after signing the job offer.
2.  Medical exam procedure
Medical exam procedure includes urinalysis, fecalisys, blood test, vital sign tests, physical test, psychology test and x-ray. While other require phase one and phase two types of medical test.
3. Medical exam fees
Fees for the medical exam is shouldered by the applicant which has a range of Php3000-6000 for phase one test and about Php2000-4000 for the phase two test.
4. Medical exams differ per country
Depends on the country you are assigned, medical test vary which depend on the rules and regulation about the medical for the country you signed for.

5. Validity of medical exam certificate
The validity of the medical exam is 3 months (90days), an OFW must leave the country before it expires. You may take the medical examination anew if the medical certificates expires.

6. Importance of medical exam
Your medical examination result will reflect to the job offer if you are physically fit. If you are not, employer may cancel the job offer if you are unfit to work.



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  2. ano o bng medical n ggawin f nsa phase 2 medical kna.. thank you

  3. ano o bng medical n ggawin f nsa phase 2 medical kna.. thank you

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